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‘Struggling’ is an incredibly fun co-op platformer with less than 100 reviews on Steam.

Content of the article: "‘Struggling’ is an incredibly fun co-op platformer with less than 100 reviews on Steam."

This game was one of those that just quickly flashed by during one of the latest game show awards presentations (I think). I had recently played the likes of Heave-Ho, Biped, Unravelled etc with a friend and was looking for another fun platformer.

I was not expecting just how incredible this game is. Please do not be put off by its initial, rather grotesque, wacky and bizarre appearance. You play a disgusting, anomalous ball of twisted flesh called Troy, recently escaped from a lab and journeying across different environments/regions. In co-op, each player controls a single arm to climb and swing across hazards, on enemies and to solve puzzles.

I know it doesn't sound like much on the surface, but the entire campaign for me and a friend with some wiggle room to mess around and find secrets was 20 hours.

What this game excels at is its progression. Every new level has different obstacles, enemies, puzzles – nothing ever really feels re-used. The 'boss events' come by a few times every stage and every single one is different, every one is ridiculously fun. At one point your arms are completely detached, become huge, and are used to throw your head around like a pinball machine. Every level I was expecting for these ideas to be re-used but they kept coming up with new stuff.

Over the course of the game they introduce three abilities which keep gameplay fresh and allow the developers to introduce new obstacles and puzzles. You can completely detach an arm, then grab onto the stump using the other arm to create one long extendo-arm for those hard to reach places.

On top of all this, the game is laugh out loud funny. You can press a button to make grunting sounds, which combined with your horrifically disformed flailing arms dragging a two-headed ball of flesh makes for some great fun.

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I apologise for how terribly this is written, I'm an awful writer and I'm trying to avoid a 2000 word essay. I've never done this for any game before but for some reason this felt important to me. The game currently has 88 reviews and sits at Very Positive, with basically no negative reviews. It truly feels like a passion project from these developers (Chasing Rats) as weird as that sounds, but it feels like it when you play it.

You can get the game for just £12 and you can play it fully online with Steam's integrated Remote Play feature (which worked perfectly for me). Here's a better review if you want to read more:

I'd love to know if any of you have played it and what your thoughts are?


TL;DR Incredibly fun, hilarious co-op physics based platformer which doesn't have many reviews on Steam. Perfect couch-coop game, low priced (£12), fantastic level design, progression and boss events.


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