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Sub-AA graphics + No storyline(s) + Unequal classes = A great High Fantasy MMO!

Graphics and fightsytle are actually low on my list for a playable game. I can be fine with Shadowbane, Runescape and uglier games and have no less immersion than ESO or BDO graphics. I'm sure I am in the minority. As far as style of combat, I tend to prefer tab target, but I also like mouse move like Runescape and basic action real time combat- though I do not like when combat becomes twitch with blocks and dodges- I prefer being much more laid back while playing.

Storylines in most games I do not like. For one, they force you into dialouge and actions many would disagree with if given the choice. I also hate being forced to do questlines for important benefits like mounts or higher tier skills. Local spread out quests are great- with the option to ignore most if wanted without any long term penalty. I prefer to explore, find new farm areas and do what I want as opposed to being forced into a specific area to do the same Avatar quest everyone else has done.

Speaking of not forcing to be locked into doing Storyline quests everyone has done, I also think people should not be locked into class power builds and grind crafting skills. In fact, I'd consider an old style D&D type random stat roll right from creation with no or maybe 3 reroll attempts per account. From there, there could be a remort system for better guaranteed min ability stats. From there, I'd make each class have skills that can be customized from various classes to let players have one or more core abilities like a hero of fantasy lore. You can have the rouge-fighter, mage-cleric, or a pure mage that can achieved a few more high tier spells than a multi. There should be little effort to try and balance classes and build to be equal. Like D&D, a smart game knows how to balance things in game through rewards and perks for certain classes and actions- including even unique skill enhancement.

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As far as my main requirement- the lore must be high fantasy and the artstyle not amnie or cartoony. Shadowbane, Everquest and some of the western MMOs had more high and dark fantasy which is missed. An actual copyright these days is not needed or even detrimental unless you have the rights to D&D, LotRs or something else high fantasy. Hate real world referances and also games with unneeded sexual immature humor like Project Gorgon, not to mention playable cows.

I almost suspect my ultimate MMO could probably be made by a skilled person using the latest RPG maker in about a year. As of now, games like New World are resource focused mostly just on the graphics. Wish a big studio would instead try to push out a simple game like Camelot Unchained and focus on game stability and play fun and not spend so much time on AAA graphics, named actor dialouge and the other things people watch once and then skip. Right now we have smaller games being developed too- i.e CU and PG, but by incompetent people.


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