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Submit your design for r/patientgamers’ new Snoo-logo! Upvote your favourites, comment your ideas, a new image will be chosen here at the end of one month.

Hello Patient Gamers! We thought it might be a good idea that if you're going to take a little break from playing the best games from way-back-when, it should be for a bit of fun.It is a small part of the sub, but even the small parts are those we care about here. We’ve decided that its time the r/patientgamers deserves an updated and unique Snoo (since the only one we have right now is only viewable via old reddit) and we’re opening the floor up to all of you; so that its truly a community decision. What we’d love to see is your design for our Snoo. Whatever tickles your fancy, however you express our patience when it comes to gaming, and and all designs, art and submissions for a logo, lets see it.

  • Images are to be shared via a comment as an imgur link in the comment section below
  • We'll leave this post up for some time: perhaps somewhere around two months is a good time-span, at the end the submission with the most up-votes and community support will be what we use. So show your support! Submit your own design, give feedback, this is your chance to give the page a taste of your own unique style!
  • Obviously this is within reason: if something wildly inappropriate is the highest voted then a runner up will be chosen. This isn't showing favouritism, it just remains at the discretion of the mod team here
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For myself, this idea came about because my artistic (in)ability is more towards the Jackson-Pollock-random-splatters end of the spectrum, but we're really looking forward to seeing what you all can do.

And lastly, I'm one of the new mods who were added to the team here, I suppose this is my introduction. Really glad to be a part of what is my favourite sub on reddit: this has always been the single most interesting place here for me, so I am really excited to join in.

We can't wait to see what you will all submit!


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