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Subnautica: a truly amazing game with some truly annoying bugs.

Content of the article: "Subnautica: a truly amazing game with some truly annoying bugs."

Mild spoilers ahead.

I first picked this one up when I was looking for something to scratch that Stardew Valley itch and the newest cutesey game filled with Nooks and Bells fell way short of my hopes. I went into it almost completely blind, only knowing that you dive a bunch and you have to manage your oxygen.

What I loved about it:

  • Resource gathering – gathering stuff so you can make stuff that lets you gather even more stuff? Sign me up! There's something just so satisfying about collecting everything you can possibly put your hands on. I'll just build more storage cabinets, it's fine.
  • Biology – I'm a biologist in my non-gaming career, so it was actually really fun to read all the scanner information about the various organisms and their putative evolutionary trajectories. The different roles each of them played in the ecosystem was well thought out, which can't be easy when developing a new world from scratch. This plays into the next point.
  • World building – Despite the fact that you're dropped into it with no idea what just happened or your backstory, the game slowly feeds you pieces as you explore the world more and builds into a cohesive narrative. I really enjoyed fleshing out what happened to the previous inhabitants.
  • Difficulty – allows you to pick levels of difficulty, from a story mode to managing food and water on top of your oxygen. As a somewhat mediocre gamer, I chose to manage oxygen only and that was perfect for me.

What I didn't love:

  • Previously mentioned bugs – the worst bug I encountered was that sections of the world wouldn't populate properly as I approached, so there would be big holes in cave walls or on the floors. These also wouldn't behave like their surrounding areas, so I actually got stuck in one of the holes when I tried to swim through it assuming it was an actual entrance.
    • I also encountered a bug where all the water vanished. In a water-based world.
    • Dying randomly in situations where that should have been impossible.
  • Lack of ability to address bugs – I'm a console player, so my only recourse for a bug was to save, die, quit, reload, and hope. It worked about 70% of the time.
  • No pocket expansion – I admit this one is probably more of a me thing. I want huge pockets so I can spend more time collecting resources instead of ferrying it all back to my home base. You can't be sure you won't need 75 more gold ores.
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All in all, a superb game and I'm looking forward to the expansion (once they squash the bugs). I was even somewhat sad as I prepared to leave my base for the last time, and I spent some time cleaning up and releasing my captive aliens so that they wouldn't starve in their containment.

Sidenote: what the heck is up with the cuddlefish? I thought they were supposed to…do things. When I put mine into the water it just swam away from me as fast as it could and I'm like….okay, bye.


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