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Suggestions for looter shooter games?

Content of the article: "Suggestions for looter shooter games?"

I've been in a bit of a gaming slump for 6 months now and am thinking I might just need to take a break entirely, but wanted to see if this sub had any suggestions.

I typically play "looter shooter" games and really enjoy COOP either with friends or with matchmaking. My favorite games have been (somewhat in order); Division 1, Destiny 2, Borderlands 2/3, Division 2, Anthem, and a few others that I fell off of fairly quick.

I loved division 1, but it was a love hate relationship. I didn't really start to consistently love it until update 1.8 and then I played every mode a ton. I loved chasing loot (classified pieces, the house w/ god rolls, etc…), the events, the apparel, chasing rogues around the DZ/helping people extract…

What I think I loved is that 1.8 made the game "stable" IMO. There were no constant changes, nerfs, buffs, additions, subtractions, etc… With every game I've tried recently I play when I can, get a build, and then a month later my build is no longer viable. BL3 is a good example because not only do all the weapons change, but the perks and skills change so I have to learn what is good, what to search for, where to move my skill points, it really makes the game a chore for me.

I'm in my 30s, I have a 3 year old, and new born twins. I can typically play ~2-4 nights a week for a few hours each night – all just depends on how life went that day and when all my responsibilities are done. Gaming is kind of my stress relief and how I relax. I'm fine losing/getting killed/etc… I just really enjoy a fun coop game with various content – especially when there are roles to play (Div 1 I would run a tank or dps or healer etc… depending on the task at hand).

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Anyone having or had a similar experience? If so, any games you recommend? I understand current looter/shooter games aren't really designed for very casual gamers, so I might be looking for a game that doesn't. My thoughts are that older games are more "stable", so hoping to try some suggestions.

Thanks in advance!


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