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Summer Game Fest 2021 Wrap Up (All News and Announcements for PC)

Lots of information today I'm sure there was a lot to take in so I'll centralize everything:

Gearbox Announced Looter Shooter Borderland's Spin Off "Tiny Tina's Wonderlands" Coming Early 2022

Dotemu announced Tactical RPG "Metal Slug Tactics" (No Release Date)

Frontier Developments has announced "Jurassic World Evolution 2" coming Late 2021

Raw Fury announced that Sable is releasing on September 23rd 2021

Amazon Games and Smilegate Announced Free-to-Play RPG "Lost Ark" is coming to the west in Fall 2021

Ska Studios announced Salt and Sanctuary Sequel "Salt and Sacrifice" coming Q1 2022

Annapurna Interactive showed off gameplay for Action Platformer "Solar Ash" coming later this year

Sega and Two Point Studios announced "Two Point Campus" which is coming in 2022

Innersloth announced that "Among Us" is getting a Hide and Seek Mode, a new map and visor cosmetics

  • Trailer:

Battlestate Games Announces new map for "Escape from Tarkov", More information will be coming on June 13th

  • Trailer:

Koch Media announced a new publishing brand called "Prime Matter" which will handle the Publishing of the following games on PC

  • Payday 3 (2023, No Store Given)

  • Real-time strategy game "Crossfire: Legion" (2022, No Store Given)

  • King's Bounty II (August 24th, Steam)

  • Third-person Action RPG "The Last Oricru" (2022, Steam)

  • Sci-fi Tactical RPG "Encased" (September 2021, Steam Early Access, GOG, EGS)

  • Third Person Shooter "Gungrave G.O.R.E" (2022, No Store Given)

  • Action Horror Game "The Chant" (Q2 2022, No Store Given)

  • Sci-Fi FPS "Final Form" (TBD)

  • Action RPG "Dolmen" (2022, Steam, thank you u/masterchiefs)

  • Action Adventure Game "Echoes of the End" (TBD)

  • Sci Fi Action Adventure Game "Scars Above" (2022, No Stores Given)

  • New Painkiller is in development (TBD, thank you u/silverdragon7)

  • Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord (Currently in Early Access)

  • Outward (Steam, Thanks u/tsthrowaway2015)

  • Trailer:

Stray Bombay announced four-player coop shooter "Anacrusis" coming Fall 2021

  • Trailer:

  • Stores: Steam, Epic Games

The Sharkmob announced a new battle royal in the Vampire the Masquerade universe called "Bloodhunt" coming in 2021

Supermassive Games and Bandai Namco announced the third game in the The Dark Pictures Anthology "House of Ashes" is coming on October 22nd

  • Story Trailer:

  • Store: Steam

Bandai Namco showed off a new trailer for Action JRPG "Tales of Arise" which was already announced to be coming on September 10th

  • New Trailer:

  • Store: Steam

Psyonix announced that "Rocket League" will be receiving The Fast and the Furious car bundle on June 17th

  • Trailer:

Blizzard showed off a redesign for Sombra and Baptiste for the upcoming "Overwatch 2"

  • Trailer –

Thunderful and developer Wishfully have announced Cinematic Adventure Game "Planet of Lana" coming in 2022

  • Trailer –

  • Store – Steam

Capcom showed off a new trailer for the upcoming "Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin" Coming on July 9th

  • Trailer –

  • Store – Steam

Sega and Amplitude Studios showed off gameplay for Rogue-lite Action Game "Endless Dungeon" which is yet to receive a release date yet

  • Trailer –

  • Store – Steam

Gearbox and Norsfell Games announced that Action Adventure game "Tribes of Midgard" will be launching on July 27th

  • Gameplay Trailer –

  • Store – Steam

Saber Interactive and Boss Team Games have shown gameplay for the upcoming "Evil Dead: The Game" which is coming out this year

  • Trailer –

  • Store – Not Announced Yet

Turtle Rock Studios announced the open beta date for their coop shooter "Back 4 Blood" which will begin on August 5th

From Software (OOOHHHHHHHHHHH) and Bandai Namco announced their very anticipated game "Elden Ring" will be coming on January 21st 2022

  • Trailer –

  • Store – Steam

If you have any other things I missed please don't hesistate to share them so I can put them in 🙂


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