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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Review Thread

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Game Title: Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury


  • Nintendo Switch (Feb 12, 2021)


Developer: Nintendo

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OpenCritic – -1 average – -1% recommended – 1 reviews

Critic Reviews

DestructoidChris Carter – 10 / 10

To be clear, I'd still wholly recommend this version of 3D World even without Bowser's Fury. The tweaks are small overall, and Bowser's Fury isn't going to sate the most hardcore of Mario fans looking for a brand new game, but the package as a whole is magical. If you were one of the many who missed out on this Wii U classic, fix that.

Nintendo LifeChris Scullion10 / 10

Super Mario 3D World remains one of the better linear Mario games, and anyone playing it for the first time is in for an absolute treat. Add to that the curious bonus adventure that is Bowser's Fury and you've got a package that provides great value for money. It isn't without its flaws, but most of these (online multiplayer, repetitive missions in Bowser's Fury) relate to the new additions; the main game itself remains as pure and perfect as it was seven years ago. Had it just been Super Mario 3D World on its own, we'd be thoroughly recommending it anyway; Bowser's Fury is just the cherry on top.

PowerUp!Leo Stevenson9.8 / 10

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury is a showcase of the game design mastery which has made Nintendo the best in the business.

Nintendo BlastEduardo ComerlatoPortuguese9.5 / 10

Super Mario Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is a package that offers two different ways to experience one of the best 3D Mario adventure, making it ideal for the franchise’s 35th anniversary celebration. There is no doubt that the game is a two-way diversion, able to preserve elements of the past and paint majestic novelties around it, as Bowser Jr. does with his paintbrush in the new and fascinating Bowser’s Fury.

Video ChumsA.J. Maciejewski9.2 / 10

Super Mario 3D World is an excellent game so if you still haven't played it or simply want it on Switch, this will make a wonderful addition to your gaming library. Oh, and you also get a fantastic bonus game with Bowser's Fury so how could you go wrong?

GameblogThomas PillonFrench9 / 10

Thans to its many clever tweaks, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury give the player many reasons to enjoy a great 3D platformer, now a little bit faster, and with friends around the globe online. Let's not forget Bowser's Fury, a tiny open world adventure which rightfully mixes gameplays from the Wii U and Switch episodes, and delivers a strong experience with a twist.

Press StartShannon Grixti9 / 10

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury is a fantastic package that showcases what makes Nintendo games so special. Super Mario 3D World is just as good as when it released, and Bower's Fury is a surprisingly good standalone adventure that paves the way for the future of Mario.

AusGamers – KostaAndreadis – 8.6 / 10

It's also as strange as Mario's team-up with a sentient hat that for some reason lets him <i>Being John Malkovich</i> a dinosaur.

COGconnectedJames Paley80 / 100

Quote not yet available

Cubed3Az Elias8 / 10

Super Mario 3D World may not have had much added to it aside from an online function that is limited to only saving progress for the host, but it didn't necessarily need much else. Nintendo successfully found a way to evolve the 2D classics without going open world, and the result is one of the most consistently fresh and enjoyable games around, which, despite lacking the challenge of the NES games, has something for just about everyone. The bonus Bowser's Fury solo adventure is an absolute delight with a brilliant core idea that adds a crazy tension to Mario platforming, but it is hard to present a case for purchasing this pack just to play it. Whilst full of great content, it is too short-lived to feel worth the asking price, and really needs a standalone purchase option. When taking both games into account for those that have not played the original Wii U title, though, this is a cracking bundle of Mario goodness that encapsulates what everyone knows and still loves about the moustachioed hero after an enduring thirty-five years.

Enternity.grLeonidas MastellosGreek8 / 10

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury achieves its goal as a package and not as individual experiences


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