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Super Mario 3D World: Two games with different experiences

I like many people did not get the chance to play Super Mario 3D World due to not possessing a WiiU. From what I heard of the game it didn’t really stand out from its predecessors, but I wanted to judge it for myself and form my own opinion, plus I had to see what “Bower’s Fury” is all about. The best way I can describe 3D World is a fun adventure. Bowser’s Fury is a completely different experience.

3D World has a simplistic plot. Princess Peach has been capt— oh wait sorry. Mario and friends stumble upon a fairy like creature known as a Sprixie who, along with other colored Sprixies, gets kidnap by Bowser so you have to go save them. I appreciate that I am not rescuing Princess Peach for once, turns out she is pretty fun character to play. Every level, hub worlds included, are very colorful and thematic. We got a dessert levels, ice levels, circuses, and even bonus stages from my man Captain Toad (give us a Treasure Tracker sequel Nintendo). The final world known as World Boswer is a real treat as it is oozing with swagger and stylish neon lighting with catchy music to boot.

Once you’ve beaten the main game and have enough stars you will unlock four additional worlds with one of them allows you to chance to unlock Rosalina adding some additional replay value. The Power Ups may seem familiar, with the exception of the Super Bell making its debut. Not only does it transform your attire to that of a cat suit, but it grants you the ability to climb up walls and traverse certain areas more easily. I personally enjoyed the Tanuki suit because it saved my ass when making those long jumps and avoiding enemies. I also loved the Fire Flower just because its a classic.

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I guess the only crime 3D World is guilty of is that it is not nearly as memorable as its predecessors. Super Mario 64 was Mario’s first jump into 3D, Sunshine saw the debut of Bowser Jr., the F.L.U.D.D. mechanic and full voice acting (which was really weird looking back at it), Galaxy had you traveling through the cosmos, 3D World has…???? At the end of the day 3D World is a fun game, but I don’t think it will stand the test of time. Bowser’s Fury on the other hand will leave an impact.

A lot of people say Bowser’s Fury is the DLC for Odyssey we never got, but I see it as a mini sequel to Sunshine with its multiple callbacks and little homages. I love everything about this expansion. Fury Bower is the best thing to happen to the character since Giga Bowser in Super Smash Bros Melee. The usual comical villain we are so use to is cast aside and has been mysteriously transformed into wrath incarnate. Hell you can’t even fight him in his current state. If you collect enough Cat Shines and activate the Giga Bell you become Super Saiyan Cat Mario and engage in a boss battle. Every time you battle Fury Bowser he always has a new attack or trick up his sleeve that’ll force you to adapt on the spot. Even when you feel safe exploring the island the ever-looming threat can be seen in the distance slowly hovering into the sky and when its starts raining you better make sure you are near a Cat Shine because that is the only way to quell the monsters rage. Having Bowser Jr. as a companion is a pleasant surprise as he helps you find secrets and will attack enemies. He’s still acts like a little twerp as evidence when you get hit you can see him snickering to himself.

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So if you’re on the fence on purchasing the game here’s what I can say. You’ll be in store for a basic, but fun and charming adventure in 3D World. In Bowser’s Fury you’ll find a different, but thrilling experience.


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