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Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a soulless experience

Content of the article: "Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a soulless experience"

I beat Galaxy 1 for the first time a few weeks ago and consider it one of my favorite games ever. Decided to wait a bit before starting Galaxy 2, as I posted on here about my Galaxy experience and was told by a few people that Galaxy 2 is a better game. Considering how closely 2 resembles to one (being a direct sequel and all that), I didn’t want to have too much of a good thing.

Still, that’s kind of what happened. I was THRILLED to have more levels, more great music, YOSHI(!!!!), etc. Looking at the history of this game and how it was originally cut content from Galaxy 1 that was meant to be added on in a rerelease before Nintendo decided to make a full-on sequel, more Galaxy sounded great to me in theory.

In practice, I quickly realized this is Galaxy….but not as good. Whereas Galaxy 1 has the atmosphere nailed down, 2 feels more “gamey” for a lack of a better term. 1’s music in particular helps give Galaxy the feeling of this epic, majestic, sometimes somber yet always thrilling tale of planet hopping. It feels like a journey through the mysteries of outer space.

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2’s music is barely memorable. Yoshi’s theme is excellent and a major reason why I loved those levels (the addition of Yoshi was great, too). “Bowser’s Lava Lair” might be the best rendition of that theme, and the last theme for the final level was great. I can’t remember anything else that stuck to my mind the way Galaxy 1’s music did.

As for the levels, there are a few “DAMN” levels, equal or superior to the offerings of 1, but Galaxy 2 feels a lot more celebratory. Like Nintendo was like “yeah we know y’all love Galaxy, here’s some more” without the story (I loved Rosalina’s tales and the implications that brought; it felt like actual lore and storytelling that wasn’t present in a Mario game before).

I just want to know if anyone feels similar to this or am I overreacting? Maybe it was a time thing where 2 and a half years was enough time for people to differentiate Galaxy 2 from 1 and enjoy it on its own terms at release. And by no means is Galaxy 2 a bad game. It’s good, maybe even great on its own. But considering the legacy of Mario games and especially that this is a direct sequel, I felt that this game lacked the heart that most Mario games tend to have. Innovation is hard, and iterating on what works is great too. I just felt that Galaxy 2’s iterations wasn’t enough. By the middle of world 4, it felt like a chore to play through.

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Anyways, Galaxy 1 is a 10/10 and I’d give Galaxy 2 a 6/10.


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