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Surely VR has to be the main form of gaming in the long term future?

Content of the article: "Surely VR has to be the main form of gaming in the long term future?"

It makes a lot of sense to me. Look at the most popular games in the world. They are all multiplayer games. Roblox has 150 million monthly active users, Minecraft has 131 million, Among Us had 500 million (!) at it's peak, Fortnite has several hundred million activated accounts. There are MMOs you've never heard of and Asian market games that have hundreds of millions of accounts, all of them multiplayer.

Look at discord. It has 140 million active users. Look at the increasing trends of Game Awards and digital event coverage. Look at how big Animal Crossing got this year because it was a way to escape from the pandemic and connect people. You saw weddings, talk shows, birthday parties, and even election campaigns held in the game.

The reason why multiplayer gaming is so dominant compared to singleplayer is because people like to hang out with friends and like the community aspect. This is a central human want to connect with others and video games are one of the best ways to connect, but it doesn't stop on a flatscreen.

VR allows people to feel like they are together in the same room. Why would the future be all about discord calls instead of VR hangouts? Why would people watch Game Awards or E3 streams when they can attend the event virtually with others? Why would people continue to seek out this connection that they want in all these virtual worlds when they could use VR to feel truly connected as if in the same room?

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Epic Games and Roblox get this, which is why they keep bringing up the metaverse in half of their conversations, because they are building towards a collective virtual space where users can connect and do all sorts of activities. This is why Fortnite did the Travis Scott concert (over 30 million people attended this concert) and why they made Party Royale.

So then, if multiplayer is so central to gaming because social is so central to humans, surely VR has to be the main future of gaming? Maybe we play lots of flatscreen games still but by hanging out in virtual chatrooms and virtual spaces.


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