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SWAT 4 is worth playing years later-and still has some gameplay mechanics relevant today

SWAT 4 in case you do not know, is a tactical shooter where you command a SWAT team against criminals. The game was created in 2005. Despite this, I honestly think that this game was WAY ahead of it's time on terms of gameplay mechanics.

For starters, it feels a like a competitive shooter. There is little margin for error in SWAT 4. If you run around the map like you are Doomguy, you will die quickly. If you make the wrong judgement on whether a suspect is going to surrender or not, you or your teammate will suffer the consequences. You also cannot just "shoot every suspect on sight." You will be penalized for killing surrendering suspects. Your choice of weapon is also extremely important. Let's get to that.

Secondly, your choice of weapon matters a lot in this game. You can choose from a variety of shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, tasers, etc. In the Stechkov Syndicate DLC, you can even bring a grenade launcher. However, you must choose your weapon wisely or it could cost you the mission. If you bring an MP5 but the enemies are wearing body armor, your day will suck. However, if you and your entire team is equipped with M4's that have armor piercing ammo, your day will be very fun. Your choice of grenade matters also.

Tear gas grenades are useful for suppressing entire rooms for a long period of time. However they are useless against enemies with gas masks. Flashbangs are useful for making your enemies unable to fight. However, if there was an enemy on another room that enters after you have thrown the flashbang, that could be a problem. Stinger grenades are useful for stunning enemies and putting them in a world of pain, but they have a severely limited range.

Even your method of breaching matters. If you bring C4 to breach as a breaching device, you will be able to breach from longer distances, but it will take longer for you to enter a room. If you bring a breaching shotgun, you will be able to breach rooms faster, but it will be more dangerous since you are closer to the door.

Finally, there is a variety of ways for a player to complete one mission. Some missions have multiple options for entrances. You also have weapons that are lethal, and non-lethal. With you+4 teammates, you can approach one mission in a number of ways. You can all equip M4's and tear gas and act like a squad of terminators, or you can take the challenge of trying to pacify enemies with non-lethal weapons such as tasers and beanbag rounds in a shotgun.

The only downside to SWAT 4, is that the A.I on both sides can show it's age sometimes. But otherwise, SWAT 4 feels like a modern game.

I recommend this game for 2 kinds of gamers.

  1. Gamers who LOVE singleplayer campaigns that are a challenge.
  2. Gamers who want the feeling of a competitive game, but they don't want to play CSGO, R6S, or anything mainstream.

TLDR: SWAT 4 was ahead of its time because it feels like a competitive shooter. Every choice matters,
even if it is whether you bring an M4 or G36, and there are so many ways to do one mission.


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