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Swordsman VR from a left handed point of view.

Content of the article: "Swordsman VR from a left handed point of view."

Writing this after the first patch. Headstabs are a lot harder to achieve and the game is more balanced. Headstabs are still easy, but are no longer guaranteed instakills. This was necessary as the game was broken due to the overpowered headstabs. I bought it yesterday and played several hours and then again today after the patch.

That being said, here’s my thoughts on the gameplay alone.

There’s one control scheme and it’s a funny one. Movement is on the left hand. X and circle are strafe. Square is the back up. The right hand has turning and the kick melee. So I’m playing with my hands swapped so that movement is on my non dominant(right) hand. It doesn’t limit sword range of motion, but the arms do get in the way of your vision with overhead swings. Not ideal. The movement is headset oriented. It’s a limiting controller scheme and I didn’t like it at first. But now that I’ve sat with it I think it pretty well simulates the maneuverability issues of wearing body armor. Which when taken into account, might explain a lot of the devs decisions.

It seems the devs opted for a scheme that would limit the characters movement so the enemy can corner you. It’s effective, especially during boss battles. I wasn’t ready for the difficulty I would encounter fighting the first boss. I still haven’t beaten them. They lunge with every swing and you get backed up into a wall without the necessary skills to maneuver around them. You can’t just ‘flail your way out’ of a bad situation. The swords when set on heavy, don’t react to flailing. You can’t just circle your enemies until you’re behind them. Strafe moves you sideways in relation to your headset so to try and circle around an enemy is close to impossible and you lose sight of them to keep moving in the direction you want to go. They end up stabbing you in the back. Actually very realistic.

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I’m asking them for a button swap. That would solve most of my issues. I hesitate to ask them for controller based movement. It would add a level of agility that would take something away from the game. They have something here with the movement limitations. This game actually forces you to sword fight. Something Gorn tried to do with its grab based movement, but wasn’t received well so they patched a controller based movement scheme into it. Swordsman’s main achievement to me is it’s ability to limit your character in a way that makes you feel like you’re actually sword fighting. When I die it’s because I’ve forgotten my footing and have gotten backed up into a corner where they use their numbers to find an opening.

Today they announced a roadmap for updates that’s pretty exciting. Axes, dismemberment, weapon handling orientation like holding a sword two handed or holding a knife backwards.

All things considered I would wait on this one til they patch it together a bit. But I’ve been having a great time with it and am looking forward to future updates.


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