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Tales of Berseria (2016) a very refreshing combat

Content of the article: "Tales of Berseria (2016) a very refreshing combat"

This post contains spoilers of the story.

A week ago I was able to beat Tales of Berseria. After finishing Tales of Vesperia two months ago I was hoping they would maintain the same level of storytelling, but sadly that wasn't the case.

I gave it a fair shake and thought long and hard, did I really enjoy this? I would say. Tales of Berseria a pretty fun combat that pretty much crushes previous installments combat systems to the ground, in my opinion of course. The music was there even though at points it got repetitive. The story started great, and it really gave me hopes that it would amazingly nearly the end.

At the start of the game I was really amazed how much of the environment really was around Velvet's little village, again it would arise my hopes. I found myself just shaking my head in disappointment because the dungeons and places were just walking and walking, there wasn't any attempts to do puzzles it was just hidden levers most of the time and you just had to use them to open up new areas in the dungeon/place.

The story started to go downhill after meeting the antagonist in city. For over 50 hours the theme of vengeance became overly repetitive, and that wasn't the only thing that became repetitive it was also that the characters themselves ran out of things to say or develop. If you watched the skits(mini cutscenes) they do most of the content was pretty much the same even if they used different dialog it kinda just went in circle with the conversation.

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The dungeons were unimaginative, especially the last dungeon which I think it took me like 4 hours to finish because of the long walks you had to do, and sadly I also had to grind some exp because while my characters weren't in a bad spot we all know the end bosses can either be sponges or extremely hard-hitting and spamming mystic artes (cough, hello Tales of Vesperia). I was also midly annoyed that the stretched the game by making you walk long distances… and it became more apparent as you played through it. Honestly, if it's gonna be a 30 hours game then so be it… always feels with JRPGs that they need to exactly be 50-80 hours.

I think what didn't really make sense was Velvet's development near the end, and the ending itself is kinda nonsense. But, Velvet starts talking about, and I'm going by memory here I could be slightly wrong, attacking villages, and killing people indiscriminately and it raises a lot of questions when she starts to feel guilty about it… because the player was never shown this. Velvet was set out to have her revenge and left her village, and that's all about it. We never saw Velvet "destroying towns" or doing the things she claimed. It was a huge disconnect to what we have played so far.

The companions didn't exactly have any wrap-up for them. And I found that a bit frustrating. Eizen, god knows who your sister is but ok. Magilou, I still have no idea what your story is besides being the stepdaughter of melchior. Laphicet, you need to find more lines than "I'm the man of my own ship" in your skits. Rokurou, uh, well, you could have had something interesting to tell if they gave you proper time to develop your story.

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Anyway, that's about it for me. I enjoyed the game for what it was. Story/dialogue weren't exactly stellar, and honestly I'm not asking a lot. I don't expect every story to be oscar-worthy.


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