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Tear-jerking Cinematics: Short gaming moments that make you cry.

Content of the article: "Tear-jerking Cinematics: Short gaming moments that make you cry."

Usually I like to do long form text reflections on well known games but I wanted to bring something up after going on a bit of a nostalgia binge on youtube. I appreciate if this is not quite the right place for this discussion but I think the fact that a lot of these games are quite old and I'm revisiting (if only for cinematics).

I'm certain I'm not the only one who can be intensely moved by a cinematic in gaming? This struck me while I was watching a let's play of Yoshi's Island and I was reminded why the game held such a special place for me.

This cinematic, without fail ALWAYS pulls tears from my eyes. The simple tale of legendary brothers united, the stunning handrawn art style and of course the almost easter egg style theme when they are revealed makes me cry.

Another powerful cinematic is the much loved

obviously it's not only the stunning music and smooth visuals but the seamless transitions that symbolise the flow of time through generations. Like many, the cockpit scene actually makes me tear up.

Lastly another opening which probably gets overlooked is the

that was Marvel Vs Capcom 3!

This was one of the last games I remember really getting hyped for just on trailers alone, which was released sporadically to promote the game before launch. This really is capcom at it's finest: action packed visual storytelling. Obviously growing up with Capcom games as a child and marvel comics and cartoons as a teen definitely played a part in my attachment but there is something very soul-warming about this cinematic, with the simple rivals joining forces theme.

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It's a very long cinematic and a lot of fun to watch but specifically the ending moments at 10:19 into the still frame with all the characters somehow makes me sob.

So I ask you r/patientgamers are there cinematics that can pull on your heartstrings? And if so, how and why? Don't leave me here sobbing by myself.


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