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Telltale’s The Walking Dead S1 – An Emotional Rollercoaster

Content of the article: "Telltale’s The Walking Dead S1 – An Emotional Rollercoaster"

Disclaimer : There's no way to talk about this one without spoiling story, You've been warned before hand.

I went into this one with the ending already ruined for me partly because of an over enthusiastic friend.

I followed the show pretty deeply till season 5. The game is surely miles better than the show. The story line surely feels much more real and makes you care about the characters.

The story is divided into 5 episodes, roughly 2 hours each. It's obviously a point and click /story driven game.


The game succeeds at making you believe that lee is a good hearted person who ended up doing some bad stuff in his past life. The way clementine and Lee's relationship grow from strangers to a Father Daughter relationship is honestly one of the most emotionally beautiful things I've ever experienced in a game. It suceeds at making you feel the pressure of being a dad looking over a 9 year old in a apocalypse.

While the main two characters are wholly presented, I feel the rest of the "crew" is pretty lack lustre. The game tries very hard to form a Daryl – Rick relationship between kenny and lee but falls pretty flat. Kenny comes across rather cowardly and selfish as he multiple times doesn't come too Lee's help.

The one character that i felt a true connection with was Carley, Won't lie I had a massive crush on her and wanted the game to explore the lee – carley dynamic more similar to Glenn – Maggie, It's a shame she's killed rather abruptly by Lilly. It really ruined whatever was left of episode 3 for me and almost made me want to stop playing.

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To me, it seems the game tries to Introduce and kill characters rather too fastly after episode 2, which ends up in half baked characters that you don't feel attached to. Some of the choices do feel meaningless at times, but for the most part they play their role fine.


The game nails the atmosphere and the sound on the head. The game makes you panic when you come across a Walker. The sound really gets tense and sad when someone dies. No complaints here.


The core gameplay consist of exploring dialogue trees, making decisions and solving puzzles. The gameplay against walkers consist solely of Quick time events for the most part which is a bit of a bummer. I wanted the game to put me in more stealth situations like at the Motel in the beginning. Overall sometimes the puzzles felt rather silly and weren't that stimulating. Th dialogue trees however feel really well thought out, making the player carefully choose his words.


The end result is a story that's one of the best and most intense I've ever experienced. The choices you make, do make you feel as if you're the one in the apocalypse. Extra credits for exploring the whole Cannibalism scenario with the Dairy farmers.

The ending

For the first time in a while have i cried so much at a game's ending. I literally burst into tears watching that end when clementine puts a bullet through lee as lee utters his final words, "I'll miss you sweat-pea…"

The rush of emotions that this game has made me feel is beyond words and despite some of it's flaws i would highly recommend this game to anyone that's into story driven games. Can't wait to try out the Second Season.

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