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Tera Online: Shape Changer for Breasts on PS4?

Content of the article: "Tera Online: Shape Changer for Breasts on PS4?"

First I've asked this in the game general chat, didn't got any answer of any kind, not even "it's unknown", I tried at two other different times of day to catch players who play at different times, the same, not a reply of any kind. Then I tried @ TERAOnline on Twitter 4 days ago, same thing. I made a post on Tera's reddit yesterday, and again 0 replies, I'm starting to feel people dislike this question, I don't know if it's just a big coincidence or what, because I can't imagine how could be anything wrong with a question which is about customization content, specifically about a consumable item in the game called Shape Changer: Breasts.

It's weird how having an item to change your breasts size can sound "bizarre" while it's normal if it was on the editor from the start, and how couldn't it be, just like size or any other trait, you're supposed to make an avatar of either yourself or whatever representatio you wish to play as. Just because unlike more modern MMO Tera didn't have the option to personalize your bust size on its editor from launch, we got the same thing in the form of an item, for either making our bust smaller or larger, along with head, size, or thights. I'll try again here, this is the post I made on r/TeraOnline:

So while I've played Tera on PC in the past, now that I'm back I took the chance to start on PS4 and get the Platinum. I've noticed the shape changer seller has for head, thights etc. But not for breasts, so I have a couple questions.

  1. Will they add the Shape Changer: Breasts on console version?
  2. If we just don't know because they simply didn't mention about it, people who knows about both versions know how they released shape changers in PC and PS4? Like, did they add them little by little and breasts was the last one on PC, or they were add all at the same time in which case they just omited breasts for console? I'd like to know how much time passed since they add them on console and if it was little by little or all of them, just so I can know if I'll have it in the future or not, so I'm not expecting and waiting for it in vain.
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