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Terraria, a tale off digging for 20+ hours.

Content of the article: "Terraria, a tale off digging for 20+ hours."

So I played Terraria once years ago, probably for less hours back then. After beating my last game (an FPS) I wanted something completely different. I debated on Starbound or Terraria when I ultimately decided on this category of game. I vaguely remembered my Starbound experience and decided to play the one I remembered less. 20+ hours later I have decided this one's a no for me. But if you love crafting, digging, building, fishing, fighting, and looting- it could be a yes for you. Terraria is in some senses a 2D Minecraft. And I hate Minecraft! What was I thinking! Oof.

I sometimes crave a crafting/exploration game. Then I get in and remember the progression curve, the resource hunting, the crafting without knowing anything, the blah blah blah. Boring! But I gave Terraria a college try. There were some times in these hours where I was addicted to the digging, where the prospect of finding an abandoned mining house with a chest was doing it for me, that time has long past. As I powered down the PC from the most recent binge I realized Terraria had brought out the worst in me. I had become compulsive- digging new shafts, finding caverns, getting marginally better loot.

About 10 hours in I realized more houses could be made for villagers. So a made a few. The creating and crafting in the game follow the trend of being a "game" to figure out what you need to make what. This mechanic has always annoyed me. I always miss something needed as a particularly important building block for crafting some horizon opening item. This time it was making "chain" an item that had a description of being basically climbable like rope. BUT CHAIN CAN ALSO MAKE THIS SPECIAL THING. Facepalm. And I know I could go online and get tips! But that just feels like cheating to me and takes away the experience of most games for me… Eventually I get Few townspeople and have made a maze of exploration to the lava underworld. I die and then realize that I am losing my interest. But in classic Netflix binging, phone scrolling, addicted to the grind fashion I give it another binge.

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I decide the fastest way back to the bottom where I died- is not through these annoying level created caverns I had looted and then added to my snaking decent to the bottom. Straight down is the answer. After some freefall deaths I finally make a series of straight drops that are only marginally separated to dodge things like lava. I now make it down to the bottom in about a minute which I am proud of. But it took forever to get there! The game is not without it's charms, but it feels like everything costs time. At the end of it all I'm walking away a little frustrated I gave it this much…

I defeated a few bosses. Got shadow armor. Killed hundreds of different monsters. Kinda feels like asking for a refund after eating most of the meal you ordered, but it's where I'm at!


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