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Thank Heavens were are past the mid-2000’s era of shoddy PC ports (or no ports at all).

Content of the article: "Thank Heavens were are past the mid-2000’s era of shoddy PC ports (or no ports at all)."

That era may have given us the PS2 and the Gamecube with their amazing libraries, but holy shit, PC was in a much worse state.

There are an absolute ton of PS2 games that never got ported at all, even when they were made by companies that normally port damn near everything these days. Capcom's God Hand, Viewtiful Joe, and Automobilista are still stuck on PS2, for instance. A personal favorite of mine, Test Drive Eve of Destruction, is nowhere to be seen, though Unlimited 1 and 2 were ported. It took like a decade for Disgaea games to get on PC, and a lot of Nippon Ichi's work from the PS2-early PS3 era is still missing.

What makes it even stranger is that often series wouldn't get ported even though other games published by the same company would. Rockstar ported Midnight Club 1 and 2, but didn't port Midnight Club 3 for some insane reason even as they ported the GTA games to PC. No Burnout game got a PC port until Paradise–and it's still the only one–even though basically every single mainline Need for Speed game got 1st-day ports. Emulation can help mitigate this, but it still blows–and in some case like with TD:EoD, emulation is still broken and doesn't work properly. God dammit EA, just let me buy Burnout 3 and Revenge on Steam!

And when we did get ports…they were often really bad or missing features for some insane reason. Sonic Adventure 1 got a rather unknown PC port in 2004 that was absolutely god-awful and broken as shit, Sonic Heroes also had a pretty crappy port but that game isn't good anyway, Need for Speed Most Wanted's port is of the PS2 version for some baffling reason instead of the technically superior 360 version. There are a lot of PC ports around that time period that were inferior in some way to their console versions, so much so that I definitely remember "port" being an almost pejorative term–like saying "oh, here's the shitty version for PC's". Hell, I've noticed that people rarely use that term anymore–it's just "the PC version".

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Don't even get me started on handheld games. Those barely ever get ported to the PC at all.

And on a more minor note, it's often super hard to mod these ports extensively, such as the Need for Speed games having hardcoded vehicle limits or Sonic Adventure's port being so damn hard to mod that people only figured out how to make custom levels for it in like 2018. These older ports are so heavily locked down and unmoddable and it's annoying as hell. Why make it so hard to mod them? These are usually from before the days of DLC too so it's not like the "they want to sell you DLC" excuse it valid here.

I'm glad that shit's over. It sucks how many games from that time period have god-awful ports or just no ports at all. There are so many PS2 games I'd love to have on PC just to have my games all on one super powerful machine or to mod to sand down their rough edges and jank and I just can't do that. Blows.


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