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Starting off with N64, PS1 then PS2 as a kid I never actually was on either side of the console wars I liked them both I assume everyone automatically loves Nintendo if you’re a gamer anyways, so no need to mention my relationship with them. I have fond memories of fighting games with friends on the PS2 also first experiences that can never be replaced like first picking up the BMX in San Andreas. From a 10 y/o I got a 360 and the rest is history. Made my first Xbox live account two years after. Playing games like assassins creed and rock band for the first time. Then later on playing games like Far Cry 3 and Borderlands 1 and 2.

But that was in the golden era of games imo. Now I’m 21, I got money and access to all the games and consoles I could possibly imagine. Still I play multiplayer games on Xbox and PC and complete random game series that I love oh so much to get my achievement score as high as I can. I got it to 80k. Pretty good imo, 100% completed many series, dmc, dragon age, Witcher, elder scrolls, fallout etc etc. If it was made by a triple AAA developer you bet your ass I got that shit completed on day one. I put 500+ hours in COD zombies(still sucked ass only did one solo EE which was in bo3 on DE), 700+ hours in overwatch competitive (Ashe Main) reaching diamond eventually. and 350+ hours in dead by daylight(Claudette main), eventually reaching rank 4. As of 3 weeks ago. I was tapped out. on Xbox, I would find myself scrolling through the store and gamepass to find me a game that’s eventually worth it but never going through with the purchase or download and if I did, I would instantly just delete it or not play it or I would play it up to the prologue and then never play again. I tried to keep myself busy with games playing random RTS on the computer or some BR with friends on PC but I would leave after one or two games cause of boredom. Even if we won. My passion for gaming was getting sucked dry. I was surrounded by battlepasses and loot boxes all my games were changing for the subscription era of gaming and I could no longer find joy without having to put 200+ hours in a game where I have to max out a battle pass. (I know I don’t have to but I like to complete things that’s why multiplayer games don’t stick with me, and if they do I’m damn playing for like 500 plus hours) I was struggling to turn my Xbox on cause I knew I’d just browse the store looking for that perfect game. and you can only play so much league of legends before you hate yourself. I truly was losing my passion for gaming.

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That is.. until I got a PS4. 3 weeks ago… IBeing a completionist and having a love for Kratos from my child hood. I bought a month of PSnow
And busted out the god of war trilogy in 4 days. Got almost every trophy and I was.. GLUED. I could not put it down. instantly I buy the remake GOW and do everything, hardest difficulty, 100% map completion, platinum trophy. Kratos reignited my passion for gaming. Playing through that story I shed multiple tears in multiple occasions whether it be emotional or me just joyful and still amazed that video games still made me feel like this. I missed this. The goosebumps of a epic reveal or killing a badass monster. The way Kratos grows as a human from his shell of a bloodlusted god. This emotion is what I missed. Me clapping my fingers at the screen yelling yeahhhhhh as goosebumps fill my body and tears of joy roll down my cheeks. All those epic moments, in far cry 3 burning down the weed farm or killing the final dude in assassins creed. Jumping through that first painting in Mario 64 or kicking my friends ass in a dbz fighter.

All those moments came back to me. And remind me why I am a gamer. Why I love immersing my self for hours at a time to get a pointless trophy or to beat a optional boss (screw you gmgow sigrun) it’s because I love these characters, the lessons they teach me. The way these games helped me grow is more than anyone could possibly imagine. And I have to thank you PlayStation. For releasing exclusives that reignited my gaming flame for giving moments and feelings I thought would never be reactivated from a video game. I applaud your guys story telling and attention to detail in your games and I only wish I played them sooner. THANK YOU. I was ready to throw in the towel on gaming until cyberpunk, Now I’m well done the gow series finished the first last of us and now on horizon zero dawn, which has already giving me goosebumps and I’ve only played for 3 hours. This is truly amazing and I will cherish these first time playthroughs close to my heart.

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From a person who’s gamed their entire life. I thank you.

TLDR: I was losing passion for gaming ps4 games reignited the flame


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