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Thanks to whoever played Ico a few weeks back. It inspired me to finally beat it after over a decade.

Content of the article: "Thanks to whoever played Ico a few weeks back. It inspired me to finally beat it after over a decade."

I got to be honest, I've been playing video games for well over 20 years. I have been home on holidays for a few weeks. And I sort of looked forward to getting some game time, since I have been pretty busy with work and didn't really have time. There was a huge sale but it made me quite sad, I have been looking at it and nothing clicked, there was nothing that I wanted to play. I used to play some pretty hardcore games, MMORPGs, MMO FPS … huge time sinks. But lately they all started to feel like a chore to me and I know that people love them and they have some dedicated fans and I was one of them, but for some reason they stopped feeling like an escape to me, not anymore a vacation but rather a job. Got tired of reading endless updates and following the balances, what's good now what's not good anymore. Got tired of Season Passes, Battle passes, in-game currency, grinding for skins, grinding for weapons and cosmetics. DLC that I am not interested in but which brings my 100% platinum trophies all the way down to to 40% making me feel like my efforts were for nothing…

And then I played Ico (again), holy crap, everything just clicked. This is exactly what I needed, it completely revived my gaming passion. And in fact set me on a new direction and genre of games. I guess I got lucky since this was included for free with PSN a while back. But crap it was so invigorating to actually play it. There is so many games that make you turn off your brain, sometimes I read these posts where people are excited and write about how they have been grinding for something for hours and they say "Oh I just shut off my brain and put some music on". While I can see enjoyment in that, I saw a lot more enjoyment in having to turn on my brain while playing Ico. There was no health, no stats, no tutorials that drag on for an hour. Once you figure out the controls — you are on your own. It was fun. 9 hours for my first run, no guides, no hints, turned off trophies. Playing the second time and it's a unique experience as well, I don't know why, but it's fun to be able to run fast through the areas and know exactly what to do.

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Going for the Last Guardian after and then Rime. Will have to look around more for similar games. On a side note… I can't for the life of me get in the Shadow of the Colossus. I have actually tried to play 3 separate times, once on PS2, went for it right away on PS3 when I got it free (skipped Ico actually) and went for it on PS4 when I got it free. I love everything about the game, the graphics, looking for colossi, music. I just hate actually fighting them. Maybe because it feels too "action-y" and the boss music drags on for so long, or maybe I just don't like the idea of killing them for selfish reasons. I don't know what it is, can't get into this game at all.


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