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The 2021 Switch exclusive lineup is already looking great

First, let’s look at what already has a release date:

  1. Super Mario 3D World, Bowser’s Fury (February 12)

  2. Ghost and Goblins Resurrection (February 25)

  3. Bravely Default 2 (February 26)

  4. Story of Season’s Pioneers of Olive Town (March 23)

  5. Monster Hunter Rise (March 26)

  6. New Pokemon Snap (April 30)

  7. Famicon Detective Club (May 14)

  8. Miitopia (May 21st)

  9. Mario Golf Super Tour (June25)

  10. Skyward Sword HD (July 16)

  11. No more Heroes 3 (August 27)

Of course we need to look at the: TBA titles that already have a release window for 2021:

  1. Monster Hunter Stories 2

  2. Rune Factory 5

  3. ShinMegami Tensei 5

Even if some third party exclusive titles in this list end up being ported to PC, they are still console exclusives to Switch and at the time being they are still fully exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. Some of these titles some folks may or may not consider some of these major titles, but that is up to every individual to decide, people have the option to buy these games and these games are available in the console for them to buy. There is also a great variety of game genres in this whole list which makes it all the more better. Yes, Miitopia, Skyward and 3D World are all ports, but 3D world added a significant amount of new content that made everyone excited to play it, Skyward Sword was one of the Zelda games that has sold the less, so this is an HD upscaled port of a game that has not been played by millions of people, so that’s something exciting to look forward to, on top of that it’s the first Mainline 3D Zelda to run at 60fps, with more controller options such as actual button controls this time around more options are always a great thing (Don’t argue with me about the price, that is subjective to every individual what people find value in, also it’s selling like crazy on Amazon, already sold out in pre-orders actually) Miitopia didn’t sell super great on 3DS and I’ve heard some great things about it, so getting an upscaled port of said game is a very great thing. Famicon Detective Club does not count as a port since it’s a remaster and localized outside of Japan for the first time in more than 20 years, therefore I won’t see that as a port and nobody else should either. My point being 2021 already looks great with what we know alone, this is mostly early second half and first half of the year alone. So just imagine what the holiday months are gonna look like.

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EVEN if most of these may not APPEAL to you specifically! It’s still objectively a great variety of games with a great variety of generes involved


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