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The Avengers may be one of the biggest pieces of shit that has released all year.

Content of the article: "The Avengers may be one of the biggest pieces of shit that has released all year."

I want to start this off by saying that if you enjoy this game that's great and I hold no ill will towards you.

However, for myself, this game has been one of the most broken and frustrating experiences I've had in a while.

Let's start with combat. What the fuck is this? The basic mechanics are fine but Jesus, is it just me or does the game feel like you're controlling a turtle on most of the characters? The laggy, slow combat combined with fps dropping to shit tier levels during large combat encounters makes for a truly unenjoyable experience. On top of that the fucking camera shake is atrocious and I highly reccomend that if you get motion sickness you turn it down immediately.

Then there are the technical issues with this game. I've gotten stuck on random geometry several times as Kamala and Cap. The camera is also terrible and sometimes I feel like I'm playing an older From Software game.

The loot based aspect of this game is insane. This is not a Destiny or even a Division. The moment to moment combat is nowhere near as engaging and I just don't get how this is going to realistically be played for possibly hundreds of hours as a loot based game.

I'd say the only redeeming quality to this game might be the campaign. Its legitimately not bad but it's not as good as I saw a lot of reviewers make it out to be. Spider-Man still has a much better and fulfilling campaign but this isn't terrible though.

If there is anybody out there on the fence about this game I would personally reccomend you wait a few months and see if Crystal Dynamics patch things up on the technical side a bit and also to see how the loot game develops. Maybe wait for a sale as well because it's not worth full price imho.

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I'm just dissapointed in this game overall and I'm sick of the games as a service trend. This project didn't need to be that but obviously Square Enix wanted to milk the license for all it's worth and it's a shame.


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