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The Banner Saga 2: Finish It or Drop It?

Way back when, I got Banner Saga 2 as part of a bundle. I hadn't played the first one, but read around that I didn't have to. I had an itch to play an RPG so started it up and have played about 5 hours.

For whatever reason, something isn't clicking – but it's one of those cases where I can't tell if I'm missing something or not.

The combat is utterly destroying me, for starters. I find it difficult to get a sense for tactics and winning strategies and end up just barely scraping through most encounters. I can't help but shake the feeling there are hidden mechanics I'm missing or that I have a fundamental misunderstanding of armor vs. health in regards to best tactics. The current boss battle I'm at now is what inspired me to write this post. It has chewed me up and spit me out three times in a way where I wasn't even close, and since there's no way to grind or prepare – I feel stuck.

As some background, I am a fan of tactical combat and RPGs in general. XCOM, FF Tactics, JRPGs, Divinity Original Sin (1 + 2) – all my jam. But for some reason, Banner Saga's classes and systems are kicking my ass to the point where it's starting to not feel all that fun.

Second – as far as story goes: yes, I can see now that all those posts saying that it was totally fine to skip the first game were not accurate There's a LOT of lore that I'm guessing was in the first game that feels a bit baffling to jump into here. But beyond that, the story feels a bit one note. Moment to moment it never really varies from a kind of dour "we're running from the apocalypse" vibe. The characters are OK but no one really stands out and the plot points thus far don't feel like they're building to much.

So – long story short: is The Banner Saga 2 (and the rest of the series) just not for me? Am I missing something vital that will make combat click? Does the story start to feel less one-note?

Since this sub has always been great for answering questions like this without being a jerk about it, I figured I'd throw it out there. Steam Summer Sale starts today, and I might just throw in the towel and find something new…

AND YET, I'm finding Banner Saga both incredibly difficult and hard to grasp


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