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the downside of completionism

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I'm somewhat of a completist. Not always in the most extreme sense of the word, but I usually consume all apparent activities in a game, whether it's side-quests or collecting every item and piece of equipment. I struggle to ignore facets of a game; I essentially "go for the Platinum".

This always feels good during my formative times with a game. I'm getting stronger and better at the game while I conquer all of its challenges.

Typically, I cascade through a game with this innate play-style, and then, at some point during my adventure, I hit a thorn of impatience.

This seems to happen most when I can see the finish line of a game. Not so much the approach of its end credits, but rather I regrettably lose interest in a game due to a strong intuition that I've experienced all the game can offer, so to speak. I'm overpowered, I've got way too many items, and I begin to feel the repetitive nature of the game sap my passion for it.

Following this unease, I will charge through the later phases of a game with reckless abandon. I'll be skipping cutscenes I wouldn't have; I'll be running past helpful items; I'll be ignoring enemies. It frustrates me, but I can't bring myself to slow down and revert back to my innate completionist tendencies that got me there.

I have so many games I need to play. I can feel them all watching me as I play just one of them at a time. I want to retain my thorough play-style from beginning to end, yet I want to move on to a fresh game with fresh mechanics once I feel that I've exhausted the particulars of a game

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This silly dilemma of mine affects me most with open-world games like Far Cry 4, The Witcher 3, and Fallout. But also with JRPGs such as Xenoblade Chronicles, Final Fantasy IX, and Fire Emblem.

I still "Platinum" the games I want, and I do ultimately enjoy the experience. However, there is always a niggling inner voice that often manages to weaken my enjoyment for a game as I progress nearer to its end.

Does anyone have this problem?


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