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The few characters of Valkyria Chronicles

Content of the article: "The few characters of Valkyria Chronicles"

I just finished Valkyria Chronicles Remastered a few hours ago, and while I'm going to talk about a couple shortcomings to this game that were part of my experience, I'm in no way trying to diss the game. I had a great time with it all the way through and would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a low stakes epic adventure (there should always be more of these).

So, character stories are a big part of the game. Though there aren't that many characters, and some are far more interesting than others, I wish the game gave some of them a little more time in the spotlight.

  • Welkin: The first half of the game is basically Welkin's arc (kinda). It's a fun ride watching the many feats he and the 7th Squad achieve in their "rise to fame". Though at first he's partly a comic-relief character, he slowly becomes a bit of a one-note, as he hands the stage to,
  • Alicia: definitely my favorite character, with what may be the least interesting arc. The game changes gears during the second half, to a far more predictable anime drama. If you like this stuff, you can't complain. I can't complain. I eat trash!
  • Isara: this is why I struggle to call the first half of the game Welkin's arc. In my eyes, Isara is the real protagonist. Fuck, if she were the protagonist, how cool would it be? She's the one with personal struggles. She's the one who has to prove herself time and time again, not some prodigy child of a war hero. So it won't surprise you to hear how to me she's been completely robbed.
  • Largo: you grow to like the old guy.
  • Rosie: her arc sucks. Period. I can't talk shit about her though. I buffed her with a couple orders and had her single-handedly take down the final boss on the second turn!
  • Zaka: Now, at this point of the game, my main complaint is that I wanted to get to know more characters, so color me surprised when I find out he's joining the squad. Much more the disillusion when I see him become nothing more than a yes-man for the rest of thee game. At this point, Alicia's arc is at full speed and there's little room for other characters in the spotlight.
  • Selvaria: Great character. Perfect for a predictable redemption arc, instead she's, again, robbed.
  • Faldio: He's alright. His ending is really dumb though.
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Yes, I wish some characters had been given more attention, but this was a really entertaining journey nonetheless. I don't even completely know the extent of this franchise yet. I think there are four titles out, right? I hear there's an anime too? If some of these become reappearing characters in the franchise I wouldn't know. Maybe some of them received a better treatment later? What are your impressions of this little bundle of character stories?


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