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The Forest- can’t see the forest through the trees….

Content of the article: "The Forest- can’t see the forest through the trees…."

The Forest


I just finished playing The Forest. I LOVE survival games. Some of my favorites include: Subnautica, The Long Dark, The flame in the Flood and Dayz Mod to name a few. Well I heard about this little game where you crash land in a forest and are being hunted by cannibals, and thought yup, that sounds about right for me.


Keep In mind, I played this game in VR using an Oculus Rift S so my game might be different then someone playing on pancake mode as I've heard there are visual and of course control differences.

For me, the game took about 30 hours to beat playing on normal difficulty in single player. The game play has three phases. The first phase is you basically building a shelter and getting some of the survival mechanics such as hunger and thirst situated. This will take anywhere between 10 to 15 hours depending on how elaborate you want your base. For me I'm not huge into base building so I had myself situated in 10 hours. I built my base actually around the plane because it was kinda cool having a base with a crashed plane in it.

The 2nd phase of the game is basically exploring the island and crafting your gear. Along with dealing with the cannibals and mutants who become more frequent the more you build up your base and the longer you are in game you can hunt animals for skins, deal with freaky mutants with extra appendages and find different fauna to eat or use as poison.

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The 3rd and final phase is exploring the caves. There are 11 caves each with varying degrees of difficulty. Each cave is basically a very dark hole that has mutants waiting to ambush you and also carries weapons and tools needed to beat the game. Basically exploring the caves is what progresses the story and gives you the best items and story clues. Some caves will need special tools to navigate such as a rebreather or a climbing ax.


  • The cannibals and mutants really steal the show. They are fun and scary to deal with. Their AI is interesting in that they react to your behavior. There is even a possibility of getting them to become friendly with you though I never got that to happen for me.

  • The darkness and lighting is GREAT! It feels just dark enough to be scary without being to dark. Watching the moon rise or the sun come up are really beautiful.

  • Sound design is excellent as well. Alot of great ambient noises of animals scurrying about, rain and creatures moving. Every time you hear a noise you got to stop and listen to make sure it isn't a mutant sneaking up on you.

  • The lore and story are interesting and theres really something to get out of it if you really try to look for info and story bits.


  • Bugs. I encountered a couple of bugs on my play through that weren't game breaking, but were annoying to say the least. Upgrading weapons sometimes the upgrades disappear from your weapon for NO apparent reason. Had things disappear from my inventory. The log cart would get stuck on physics and flip over all the time. There was a picture piece of lore that I couldn't pick up even though the prompt was there.

  • The crafting and controls felt un-intuitive. It might be because I was playing in VR, but figuring out how to build or craft something or even moving around takes alot of experimenting and adjusting. I spent alot of time in the survival book just staring at it wondering what to do.

  • I don't feel like the game world is as varied as it seems at first. Once you have explored one cave and walked around the island for 30 minutes you have basically seen it all. The caves are all mostly the same besides having different items and enemies in them.

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The forest is a good if somewhat flawed survival type game. If you are a hardcore survival junkie, you will be able to over look its flaws and enjoy it for what it is. I think the exploring is fun for awhile, but once you've conquered the mechanics there really isn't alot more to do besides exploring the caves which become samey after you've explored a couple.

Comparing it to something like Subnautica I would say that with that game I was constantly always being surprised with a new vehicle or upgrade and the locations all felt varied and new. The enemies also felt very interesting and different to each other. I feel like I never got that with the forest. I guess I would have to say that the forest never reaches the highs of Subnautica. Maybe if you played in multiplayer with friends it might be more fun, but as a single player game it stopped surprising me after awhile. Overall I would recommend the game, with the caveats listed above. What did you guys thing of The Forest ?


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