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The Future of Mobile Gaming and E-Sports is AR? The Bone Gaming.

I was looking at posting something similar to this in Mobile gaming, but this is more of a discussion subreddit from what I've seen so I'd like to talk about it here as well, in hopes of getting some opinions from fellow gamers of more than just the mobile platform on what you think about it.

So, I've been involved in the community around this up-and-coming game called The Bone for a while now, and it looks like if they could just get the right exposure they could boom out as the next big thing. I definitely haven't seen anything that aims to do what they are with AR, which is to become the first ones to take that next step in E-Sports. They have designed a headset and 'Epon' which link up to your phone in order to allow you to become a 'Caster' and use what they call 'Power Archives' to battle it out with other players IRL.

What if I don't want to wear a headset and run around fighting others? Don't worry, there's something of a class system that they have designed that is so much more than just the standard archetypes. While Casters are out battling, there are Explorers gathering resources, that the Alchemists then use to create the Power Archives that the Casters then use!

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They have trailers on their website and social media that give a better idea of what I mean, and their website is full of lore bits that just make you want to dive in deeper. The game is still in production, however, but the creators are very involved with their community and are so passionate about making this game a reality. Even now, those of us that have signed up are helping build the lore around it with quests and tasks assigned through their discord, The Bone Universe Subreddit, and their website.

All in all, I think they are headed in the right direction, and even with how they are involving their community seems like such an improvement compared to big companies, but maybe I am seeing it through rose-tinted glasses.

What do you think, should we all be getting ready to start having more Sport in our E-Sports? Or is this going to be the only one of its kind?


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