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The future of WoW and why I think that there’s gonna be a WoW2

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I think that Blizzard maybe secretly develop WoW2, and this my arguments.

The most arguments of people on the internet why Blizzard would not make WoW2, or why should not make WoW2 are:

MMORPG genre is dying, no reason to waste resources on WoW2 + no1 can compete WoW

Wrong, maybe there is period where MMO genre was in crysis but with upcoming Amazon&RIOT new MMOs there is clearly evidence that big players on market see potential in MMOs, since they wouldn’t risk so much money to develop expensive game in “dying genre”. Maybe back in day WoW was absolutely dominant MMO, and all “WoW killers” fail miserably but now WoW will compete with 2020-2025 MMOs from big companies, which will challenge Blizzard like never before.

Graphics is fine, that is what make WoW unique

Artstyle of WoW is unique and fine not the graphic. I think that WoW needs big graphic update, and that would only happen if Blizzard launched WoW2.

I don’t want WoW2 because all my achivments, mounts, transmogs that I farm for years will vanish

First, I want to say that I strongly agree on this. Second I am not IT expert, but I guess Blizzard got money and technology to somehow give players an option to transfer/copy some of those things in WoW2

Blizzard will keep WoW alive untill it’s stops being profitable, there wouldn’t be sequel.

Well this would be true if there wasn’t new challenges for Blizzard, but as I said in first paragraph, there is clearly new age of MMOs which will bring fresh air to genre and big threat to Blizzard’s dominance. I guess Blizzard would not let them to take their piece of cake.

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Other things, why I think there is reason for WoW2:

The game physics and engine feels so outdated

At this point it’s easier to make a new engine that is competent, rather then to constantly modify the current which is 17years old.

The lore feels like it’s coming to an end

Somehow I feel that current lore and story feels that It’s coming to end

Combat also feels outdated

I don’t think that current combat should be changed or it’s bad, but I feel like that it’s need to be modernized .

Blizzard works on a big secret project since 2017

“Fenway” is Blizzard’s secret project that’s worked on since 2017. This could onyl be totally new game or WoW2

Almost every Blizzard game got sequel

Almost every Blizzard game got sequel, don’t see why will they miss opportunity to make sequel from their golden goose.

What do you think?


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