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The Gears of War series is a gold mine of untapped potential

Content of the article: "The Gears of War series is a gold mine of untapped potential"

Gears 1 felt like a serious and atmospheric game. The concept of Gears was that it’s Band of Brothers with monsters. That hasn’t been the case for a long time now. The series has become your typical high octane action game with some corny jokes thrown in here and there.

Gears 1 was well known for how satisfying it was to shoot enemies, chainsaw them apart, curb stomp them, etc. Everything had impact, even slamming into cover. The shaky camera while Roadie Running was an immersive addition that added to this feeling that you were in an active warzone. The teeth of the series have since been slowly filed down. Other games like The Last Of Us Part 2 have now redefined what a mature game looks and feels like. Gears has yet to do anything to catch up. Because Gears of War is created by corporate minds. That’s the only conclusion I can come to.

I love Gears 2 and 3 but I feel like turning Gears of War into a big series following the same characters for a long time that end up saving the world was missing the point of what Gears of War is supposed to be. I think the series should have showed different perspectives in a never ending conflict known as the Locust War. It’s kind of like WW2, we don’t just follow the story of a squad that shifted the entire war into their favor. We always see multiple perspectives and how people are dealing with being in war. Many of the greatest stories are of people that made small impacts on the bigger picture.

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Saving Private Ryan is probably the greatest case for this. Nothing in that movie was about ending the war or getting some sort of ultimate victory and satisfaction. It was just about saving some dude even if it meant tragically but expectedly losing people on the way. We see people break under pressure, we see them make mistakes, we see them poke fun at each other and give each other nicknames, we see bravery, comradery and sacrifice. The Gears universe should function in a similar way to how WW2 is portrayed. The roots of Gears of War are already steeped in it.


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