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The House in Fata Morgana: One of the best stories I’ve ever experienced

The House in Fata Morgana is a visual novel game I read through last year. Since this game doesn't seem to have gotten any attention on this sub, I decided to post a short review of it to give it some well deserved attention. It took me about 32 hours to finish the story.

Since this game is entirely focussed on story telling and your enjoyment with the game is dependent on going into it blind, I won't go into the plot beyond the basic premise. If you want to go into this game completely blind, you should stop reading here. I highly recommend trying this game out if you enjoy a good story driven game and are alright with a lack of gameplay.

The game starts off with a stranger arriving in a mysterious mansion. Upon arrival the stranger is greeted by a maid who claims that the stranger is the master off the mansion. However, the stranger has no memories of itself or its ties to the mansion. To make the stranger remember its identity, the Maid takes the stranger on a journey through the history of the mansion and the tragedies that took place in it.

Throughout the game you make your way though various doors to the past. Beyond these doors a story is told about the event that took place during a certain time period in history. These stories are mostly self contained at first, but as the game progresses a bigger picture begins to form which eventually ends in a great ending sequence that ties everything together surprisingly well.

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The game started off pretty slow. The opening of the game didn't make sense to me at first and the story beyond the first door basically came down to a stereotypical Medieval romance story. Luckily the game picked up afterwards with not only a better pacing but also more interesting themes. The second half of the game in particular did a fantastic job at keeping me engaged in the story.

Another notable thing about this game is how it handles plot twists to change your view on what is actually happening. A lot of other games that create their plot twists by intentionally keeping away information from the reader or even telling false information. Fata Morgana however creates plot twists by cleverly making the reader misinterpret the story by clever writing or by using wrong assumptions of the characters themselves. This way each twist made actual sense instead of making me feel like it came out of nowhere. Fata Morgana encourages the reader to think critically of what is happening which makes it a lot of fun to guess the upcoming twists. It's also a lot of fun to reread old chapters after the big twists to bring a new light on the events that happened and to discover new meaning to the conversations.

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Next to a fantastic story, Fata Morgana also has an outstanding soundtrack. While there were a few tracks that were a bit distracting, most of the tracks did a great job at enhancing the atmosphere and made some of the most memorable moments even more impactful.

The House in Fata Morgana is easily my favourite visual novel I've read so far. The writing quality is on the same level as a great book and the addition of its fantastic soundtrack and nice art further enhance the polish this game has. My only real complaints about this game are that the story was a bit overly dramatic at some points and the optional endings felt like wasted potential for how little they added to the story. None of these things hindered my enjoyment of this game in any way though.


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