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The Last Of Us 2’s gameplay isn’t fun

Disclaimer: I am trying to enjoy Last Of Us 2 and finding it a bit frustrating.

My complaints:

  1. The camera. Yes, I get it, you want a cinematic experience. However, I am a gamer. I independently control my character and the camera. In LOU2, you can't (to be clear, the characte . The camera dictates how your character moves. It looks funny, but my character is back-pedaling about half the time. Further, because of how I like to control the character and camera independently, it makes locating items a bit of a pain and makes grabbing items even trickier – to the point where I feel like the game is missing my button presses. Yeah, I saw that thing on my screen, yeah I pressed triangle a foot away, oh… my character didn't care because I'm already moving the camera onto what I actually consider to be my next point of interest. Also, try looking around a corner… all of a sudden, Ellie is facing the wrong direction, and you're struggling to get the camera to orient correctly. I have put my controller down 5 times today. Ellie has swung her knife/hammer/whatever in the direction of the camera but not at all in the direction of the enemy who is right there in the center of the camera. But Ellie is slightly facing left. So that leaves me confused – is the game reacting to the camera or my character? The cinematic camera negatively affects the game experience.

  2. Controls. This is one of those accessibility things. Let me define me own controls if you can't come up with a good control scheme. I feel like the movement controls are at opposite ends of the controller. Sprint on L1? But duck/crawl on O? Those are opposite ends of the control. Weapons switching, do I even need to start? No I don't want to pull my bow out when I'm 1 feet away from an enemy who is charging me. L1 = Sprint. L2 = Aim. R2 = Fire/Throw. R1 = listen. You could just swap Sprint and Listen and it would feel a lot better already. I also personally feel with their contextual auto-cover that they could do a contextual auto-duck, so that I don't end up accidentally ducking when it makes no sense. Yeah, I pressed the wrong button, but doing so is overly punishing. Why not have O = dodge in combat? Dodge is close to a duck action… seems weird that it's way over on Sprint. (literally, I would just double-tap O to prone, hold O to sprint, tap O to duck/dodge… done, all movement modifiers on the same button).

  3. Enemies. I don't mind them being a bit smart, but sometimes it seems like they detect me so easily. I don't have an fun experience 'peeling the layers of the onion' in the LOU encounters. I love the areas, but the enemies are just a bit too tricky. Dogs that pick up my scent, when they've never seen me or have 20 allies around. Ha, right. Honestly, the fun is disappearing and right now I'd rather fight clickers. I do really like the focus on listening to sound, and I wish more games incorporated this kind of sound design, but I would really like to feel more organic. Half the time, I feel enemies weren't there a second ago, or you listened to them and saw nothing, then you open a door, and you're spotted.

  4. Safe Combos. Minor nitpick. Every time that I don't remember the code, I have to exit the safe, open my inventory, check the article, close it, re-engage the safe. Just let me access that shit from the safe interface.

  5. There was something else, but I forgot. I guess the skill trees are pretty lame.

  6. Dina fell through a roof… there's no way she's still preggers.

  7. Too dark. I tried playing with brightness set to 0 (middle/default). I end up trying to climb through windows that have glass in them. Have zero visibility in spore infested areas. And well… I'm a gamer. I like to see what I'm doing. So I cranked up the brightness.

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