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The Last of Us & giving games a second chance

Slight spoilers ahead

Fucking hell here we go again, this is now the 4th Naughty Dog game I raally disliked in the beginning, but grew to really enjoy by the end.

For reference, the only Naughty Dog game I've played so far that I consider to be a great game on all fronts is Uncharted 4, its leagues ahead of the original trilogy and the last of us.

But I'm not here to talk about uncharted 4, im here for the last of us.

I firmly believe that the last of us is an absolutely must play for the story, but the gameplay is incredibly hit or miss.

I played on easy, because I really struggled with the clickers and wanted to role-play a Joel who actually seemed adept at surviving the apocalypse he's been living in for the past 20 years.

I was initially enthralled by the story, but I got so frustrated by the gameplay that I made a post here about wondering if I was losing my love for games as a whole.

Initially I found the gameplay to be clunky as shit, rules seemed to bend out of my favour, and plans quickly devolved into me getting a hickie from the human cauliflower.

Turns out my actual problem with the game was lack of options initially.

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I understand that this is light survival horror, and i should feel outmatched, and whilst in a lot of later game sections I did genuinely feel outmatched and outgunned, it was the plethora of options that kept pulling me back.

From the first clicker encounter to the end of Bill's section of the game, my SO took the reigns, and she had a blast. I watched her play, pointed out things she missed and helped her choose upgrades and things to craft.

This was fun, it allowed us to work as a team to overcome problems, and I could see how the game worked from an outside perspective.

But it wasn't until the car section that I realised this game could actually be fun.

My SO was blasting away at clickers with a good old shotgun to the face, but kept getting overwhelmed, so I decided to suck up my pride, and give the game a second go.

And oh dang, I actually enjoyed myself.

I really really grwa to love the hide and seek combat with the human enemies, popping in and around cover, trading shots was exhilarating.

Despite this, I still dislike the infected combat. It usually devolved into me backing into a corner with a shotgun and waiting for the clickers to run into range. It was never really fun, but certain sections did leave my heart pounding (looking at you, hotel basement)

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Im glad to be done with the game, but i feel it was good for convincing me to give it another shot, I loved the story throughout, its nothing groundbreaking, but the characters make it special. I was so gripped I ended up playing from the bridge to the end in one sitting.

My only major gripe was with the ending of the game. Thematically, it made complete sense and I could understand where Joel was coming from, but I did not agree with his choice in the slightest. Playing through the hospital made me feel like an asshole. I understand that the end was heart over mind, but in my case, mind won over heart.


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