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The Last of Us Part II’s fan backlash is a big reason why Hollywood & most games follow the same formula.

I just finished the game & I have to say it was truly one of the most emotionally impactful experiences of my life. I went through an emotional journey of anger, hate, remorse & forgiveness. I rarely cry and this game had me on the verge of tears trough out until the end. I couldn’t hold back the tears when we saw Joel & Ellie have that moment of reconciliation on the porch and when Ellie couldn’t play “Future Days” at the end and walked away leaving behind the last thing tying her to Joel.

After finishing this masterpiece of story telling I couldn’t stop thinking how not many pieces of media dare to go where this game went. Most games, movies or TV shows rarely kill off their main character and even if they do they never portray the killer as someone you can sympathize with and understand their motivations.

Naughty Dog were somehow able to introduce Abby as a brutal murderer of one of our beloved main characters and end the game with Abby as a sympathetic character who you start rooting for & hoping she can find her redemption in Lev.

Although the trope of everybody is the hero of their own story and everyone (even the nastiest villains) finds their actions justified has been done before, in my opinion it has never been done this bravely or this well.

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I saw some people criticizing how they introduced Abby & that she should have been more conflicted about killing Joel, but here’s where in my opinion lies Naughty Dog’s brilliance. They challenged themselves and the player by introducing her with the most brutal, violent, gory act possible. The idea here is Abby is not a good person, she has become a cold hearted killer, but so are Joel & Ellie. By the end of the game we can see her redeeming herself and trying to be a better person by sparing Ellie & Dina and focusing on protecting Lev mirroring Joel’s redemption in the first game.

Sadly, the backlash from many people who have just read the leaks or stopped playing after Joel dies or even finished the game but never gave it a chance because of the rampant negativity online proves why Hollywood & games mostly stick to the formula of hero good, villain bad. Hero kill villain. Hero die, killed by villain, other hero kill villain. Villain may have a point but villain never become hero. 🙄🙄

I understand some people may dislike the game even if they gave it a fair shot but these are not the same people making toxic posts & videos everywhere bashing this game.

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This game was truly a breath of fresh air & challenges this formula to the core. I just hope that this backlash doesn’t dissuade creators from trying new ideas in fear of angering the masses.

Side note: I am very grateful for this sub. I live in Egypt where this game has received a different type of backlash because of having a gay main character. So it was great to come here after finishing the game to see other people’s opinions of it unhindered by homophobia.


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