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The late game content of indie games

Content of the article: "The late game content of indie games"

Not sure if this is the right place to post this since it's a bit of an overlap of older games and truegaming type stuff. I've got back to Factorio now that it's finally out of early access, so it's kind of both very old and brand new at the same time lol. For what it's worth, I find it's pretty much exactly the same game as I played a year ago, except with a few tech tree and graphics differences.

One thing that strikes me with this, as well as its "sister" game Stardew Valley (they kind of look similar-ish and play similar to me) is that you kind of "solve" the game before it finishes. For instance in Factorio, it takes a long time to get to the early game technologies and they factor in a big way, but then the discoveries come hard and fast, and you kind of don't even need them anymore at this point. Like I've had playthroughs where I didn't even use trains or robots at all. Plus once you've got all your different colour science items it's just a matter of time until you get to the end and build that rocket.

Similarly in Stardew Valley, once you are at the end of the first year and are printing money, I feel kind of done with the game. Sure there's the roleplaying with the villagers, but I don't particularly care too much about that. Even if I discovered some new mechanic, it would just print money even faster and it's more than I can ever do anything with so why bother?

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I've still put a lot of hours into those and really do like them, and just having two examples isn't too great lol. On the flipside, a really good example of badass content all the way through is FTL. I played the hell out of that last year, and the endgame is awesome and very challenging. I didn't really go back for more with the new ship types after that (like maybe a couple of times but never finished it again) but it hooked me pretty good up to that point.

Anyway, do you get this feeling with games, often indies but not necessarily, that you've "solved" it before you finished it? Like you get the feeling that the rest of the game would just be an iterative repetition of what you already know, until it at some point arbitrarily ends.


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