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The LEGO Movie Videogame is actually a great movie tie-in.

We've seen plenty of tie-in games before. Usually they adapt the story of the film as best they can. Usually they follow popular gaming trends of the time. Usually they're pretty terrible.

Thankfully, the Lego Movie Videogame is not that.


If you haven't seen the film, the game does a pretty good job at replicating the events through the use of clips from the movie and short gameplay sequences in-between. It follows an every-man construction worker named Emmet Brickowski, who after accidentally stumbling upon a mysterious artefact, is dubbed 'The Special' who is prophesized to use his amazing building talents to save the world from the evil President Business. Problem is, he does everything by the instruction-book.

In the game, it follows along the main events from the story almost beat-by-beat, managing to include quite a lot of elements from the film and only cuts out a few sideplots. It translates movie scenes into gameplay very well, and still makes sense within the context of the plot. Some seconds-long scenes from the film get extended into a 10-minute puzzle area, but it still mostly works. The only things I found missing were the Bad Cop/Good Cop sideplot, as he randomly switches allegiances at one point in the game, the omission of Emmet's 'Mind Palace' scene, showing he has no creativity, and the Will Ferrell/His Son live-action scenes were omitted, I'm betting because they would have had to license out his likeness.

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If you've played a Lego game, this one will be no different. Complete light platforming, puzzles, combat challenges to progress to the next area until the level is over.

This entry is unique in that it uses new character abilities such as Master Building, Instruction Building, Hacking, Ledge Sidling, and Rainbow Lego among the main abilities used. Master Building is a new, simple mechanic, where you highlight 3 objects to solve a puzzle, and the character rips them apart and builds something new with it. Instruction Building uses X-amount collected pages, then you play a match-game, selecting the missing highlighted pieces on the build. The difference between Master Building and Instruction building is unique in that Master Builders can't follow Instruction books, whereas vice-versa, Instruction builders can. Non-master-builders can't even build small Lego creations, a staple and common puzzle element throughout the entire Lego series.


I was fooled by the voice acting when I first started the game. There's plenty of original dialogue made for each level in the game. Each character sounded just like how they did in the cutscenes/on-film. After further research, I've found that the movie actors are only in the game through archive footage of the film, and it's a bunch of very good soundalike voice actors portraying them in the game. I was very impressed by all their performances, it sounds almost identical.

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This might be the easiest and most accessible Lego game to complete. There's only 96 characters to unlock, and you'll unlock about 20-30 already by playing through the story mode. Each level only has 6 collectibles to find, plus the 'Special' money achievement. And there's only 4 hub worlds with a few side quests to complete and about 5 red bricks to purchase in each.

Due to licensing, some things in the film aren't imported over in the cutscenes, so part of this game does lack what the film offers. The cutscenes in particular have severely toned down the sound effects, removed the cinematic score, focusing on the dialogue. It's great in that respect, but they sound very unfinished because of it.

There's also a few bugs you find in modern Lego titles. I've had characters stuck on environment pieces, forcing a checkpoint restart. I've also had the infamous "unbreakable bench" glitch that can make completing a side quest impossible. While TT didn't fix that bug, they added a workaround, so it's not unsalvageable.

8/10 game. A great, short Lego game, if you're into those.

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