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The Lion’s Song, a first point-and-click that I liked

I usually get very bored with point-and-click (PAC) games. Let's be honest, point-and-click is one of the least fun ways to play a game. It usually boils down to "click everything until you progress", which was rarely the case with The Lion's Song. Since the mechanics of PAC are not something to be thrilled about, the game needs to bring something else in order to be worth playing, whether that be interesting puzzles or very engaging stories. The Lion's Song brings engaging stories and a charming ambience, which was enough to keep me invested.

The Lion's Song consists of four chapters, nicely blended together in the charming, monochromatic, and very pixelated Vienna. Each chapter tells its own story while influencing some details in the other chapters. Each chapter, in spite of being PAC, brings different cues and things to look out for. It does a good job at keeping the game fresh. Most of the time it was rather simple to figure out what to look out for, giving the game a feel of a natural progression rather than random clicks. This does not mean that from time to time I did not find myself just clicking every option, but these were very few instances.

The game has the concept of decision making, which alters the story, which in turn influences other chapters differently. While the outcomes are not as numerous as in a grander game like Detroit: Become Human, it did leave me wondering if I made the right choices and if I could have done things better. I was intrigued by the different ways some scenes could have turned out.

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I had a problem with the second chapter (the one with the painter) in which I couldn't exactly figure out what some cues meant, which made me a little bit frustrated, so it was my least favorite. My favorite was the third chapter, which was about a woman mathematician trying to get her voice heard in the world where such privileges as being a professor at a university were reserved only for men. I love mathematics and this chapter gave me the most motivation to do well and it invoked the strongest emotions of all the chapters.

The last chapter, very descriptively being named "closure", rounds up the previous three very nicely. It puts some events and decisions into perspective easier to read by the player.

The game is very artistic, it gives the player a lot to see while showing little. It is very character-oriented, and it does really well in that aspect. The characters are all unique and enjoyable. There is plenty of ways to read into the game, and I will surely be reading up on what people have to say about it.

The game is very slow and requires patience, but is very enjoyable if you take your time and immerse yourself in the story and the characters. It is very charming, has a nice ambiance which is consistent throughout the game.

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I could keep writing for ages. I recommend the game, especially if you already have it sitting there in your library from when Epic gave it for free.


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