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The Manga Works is a game that was made just for me

You ever find a game that fulfils such specific niches, you worry the devs have been observing you for months to make a game you'd like? I fear Kairosoft may have been spying on me to make this game.

The Manga Works is a tycoon game where you try to become the number 1 mangaka in Japan. To achieve this goal, you develop a reputation at various publishers by submitting one shots with the hopes you will eventually be serialized in their weekly magazine. To stay serialized, you want to rank highly in the popularity polls which is done by managing your You have to manage your plot points, energy and money.

Plot points are the currency for writing your managa. You spend them to come up with new manga and you spend them weekly to plot out the story beats of your series. The more plot points you spend, the longer it will take to make your manga which is where energy comes in. Energy determines how long you can work for which is the difference between a good weekly schedule and burning the candle at both ends to get a new chapter out in time. Lastly there's money which you use to buy stat boosting items, go on activities to restore PP and of course, pay rent. Go bankrupt and it's game over.

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And that's all there really is to the game. The joy for me came from making up names for my series and trying to create stories that flowed well from week to week. There were some genuinely tense moments as I completed chapters mere hours before the deadline and moments of defeat when my series plummeted in the ratings before being cancelled.

The game is a lot of fun but probably not everyone's cup of tea. If you aren't into anime and manga, this game will hold little in the way of appeal for example. In terms of game issues, as you go on and get closer to becoming number 1, the game gets easier because your Godly stats mean you're not really racing against the clock anymore. Also the game does a bad job of tracking stats making it hard to appreciate how far you've come.

If you have any love for manga (especially Bakuman) and tycoon games and have some space on your phone, definitely give this a go.


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