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The Medium – Review Thread

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Game Title: The Medium


  • Xbox Series X/S (Jan 28, 2021)
  • PC (Jan 28, 2021)


Developer: Bloober Team

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic – 73 average – 55% recommended – 63 reviews

Critic Reviews

ACGJeremy Penter

"Well they tried. However, the medium comes in uncooked to the point of almost being raw. Somehow the presentation and ideas don't really do anything throughout the entire game. "

AreajugonesVíctor RodríguezSpanish6 / 10

The Medium is a game that doesn't have big flaws or hits. Simplified gameplay and a half-way story between the horror story and the most serious sociopolitical discourse make Bloober Team's work doomed to be a mediocre title that we probably even remember at the end of the year.

AtomixAlberto DesfassiauxSpanish80 / 100

The Medium is a pretty fun horror game, but it lacks must of the values of series like Silent Hill.

Attack of the FanboyKyle Hanson2.5 / 5 stars

The Medium will scratch the horror itch for some for a while but fails to live up to its potential in a number of significant ways.

AusGamers – KostaAndreadis – 6.2 / 10

Sometimes that focus is nudged in one direction via shifting screen real-estate.

COGconnectedPaul Sullivan75 / 100

As a whole package The Medium is very much a story of compromise. For all its successes in visual storytelling and interesting setting, it’s collared by poor pacing and dated game design. Still, it’s well worth a look for history buffs and those fascinated by the unknown. So what lies beyond? It’s still up for debate. In the present, The Medium offers an intriguing possibility to puzzle on.

Critical HitNoelle Adams8.5 / 10

Literally straddling the line between supernatural and real-world horror, The Medium is satisfying, sleek, and sophisticated in every department. While it makes only limited use of its signature simultaneous reality mechanic, and features some of the same gameplay frustrations as earlier Bloober Team games, it's easy to overlook such stumbles. The Medium sidesteps scare gimmicks to deliver a masterclass in mature horror, one rooted in atmosphere, all-round restraint and an enthralling region-specific story. Note: On Xbox we scored the game 8.0 for some intermittent performance issues.

Cultured VulturesAshley Bates7.5 / 10

The Medium is Bloober Team's most ambitious game to date, and while certain aspects work better than others, the result is a decent horror romp that even the most horror-averse can enjoy.

DestructoidJordan Devore – 6 / 10

My favorite part of The Medium ended up being its "semi-fixed cameras," which blend old and new design philosophies in a way that seems genuinely palatable in 2021. That's the real achievement here. I can easily picture a more well-rounded sequel happening, and for what it's worth, I hope it does.

Digital Trends – Giovanni Colantonio – 3 / 5 stars

The Medium is a chilling tone piece that's bogged down by retro influence and a protagonist that can't stop oversharing.

DualShockersCharlie Wacholz5.5 / 10

Despite its technical prowess and stunning visuals, The Medium is a drag. From slow, uninteresting gameplay to a confusing and poorly executed story, Bloober Team's latest makes for a good tech demo, but not much else.

EGMMollie L Patterson8 / 10

The Medium builds upon a lot of gameplay gimmicks and ideas that aren't always used to their full potential, but when they do work, they work incredibly well. Controlling main character Marianne as she jumps between worlds is both engrossing and exciting in practice, and the game's main location serves its job as a setting for horror masterfully most of the time. This is a game that definitely could have been better-but which is also better than a lot of other horror games that don't take such daring risks.

Echo BoomerDavid FialhoPortugueseLiked

Even with an interesting concept of navigating and controlling two worlds at the same time, this new entry from Bloobler Team does not make justice to its full potential.

EurogamerVikki BlakeRecommended

Bloober Team goes back to the classics for possibly its best effort yet.

Everyeye.itMarco MotturaItalian7 / 10

The Medium is a horror with fascinating potential, but translated into an experience never really ambitious, and indeed paradoxically rather limited, restrained and shallow.

Explosion NetworkDylan Blight5.5 / 10

I found myself rather bored a lot of the time, and straight-up hating several sections for being tedious or repetitive.

Game InformerBen Reeves6.8 / 10

This is a horror game with more tedium than tension

Game RantDalton Cooper4 / 5 stars

The Medium is a gorgeous next-gen horror game with a haunting game world anchored by old-school survival-horror style puzzles and exploration.

Game RevolutionJason Faulkner7 / 10 stars

At its best times, The Medium channels Silent Hill, but the rough pacing and limited gameplay outside of puzzle-solving hold it back. Additionally, the unsatisfactory ending leaves a sour note that detracts from the overall experience.

GameByteLara JacksonUnscored

I’ve been waiting a long time for Bloober to finally nail down true horror, and The Medium is a wonderful example of how to do scary without relying on cheap tricks. If you’re a fan of Silent Hill, Clock Tower, Haunting Ground or even if you just want to test out the capabilities of the latest Xbox consoles, The Medium is a must-play.

GameMAGАлександр ЛогиновRussian8 / 10

The Medium is full of deep and intertwined narrative, moreso than many other games from recent years. If you love The Longest Journey, Silent Hill and The Evil Within for the overall atmosphere and tone, but also prefer something less action-oriented, then The Medium is something you don't want to miss.

GameProGerman83 / 100

The Medium scores especially with story and gripping atmosphere, but does not reach its class in a playful way.

GameSkinnyMark Delaney7 / 10 stars

The Medium is less survival-horror and more adventure-horror like the studio's past games, but so long as Bloober Team is still refining this style, the team is clearly getting better.

GameSpewRichard Seagrave6 / 10

The Medium isn’t a bad game by any stretch of the imagination – it’s just nothing special.

GameSpotJordan Ramée9 / 10

The Medium is a terrifying but compelling exploration of duality that uses the horror of personal trauma to craft a memorable tale.

GameWatcher – Luiz Coelho – 8.5 / 10

Despite its linearity, I'd argue that The Medium is a genuinely chilling ghost story that's sure to leave a lasting impression. The splitscreen effects make for quite a few memorable moments, and there's no denying the growing sense of accomplishment as you solve difficult puzzles and make your way through the cursed resort. It may not be on the same level as some of its inspirations, but I'd definitely recommend The Medium to any fan of classic survival horror.

GameblogJonathan BushleFrench8 / 10

The Medium is a very good horror narrative game, despites somes riddles that may be too simple, and the dual reality mechanics may not be as original as expected…

Gamers HeroesBlaine Smith – 95 / 100

Bloober Team has long established itself as a purveyor of innovative and frightening horror experiences, but it will be tough to outdo this one. The Medium is a terrifying and disturbing look into the darkest recesses of human behavior, wrapped in an immersive, atmospheric, and beautiful looking game world.

GamesRadar+2.5 / 5 stars

The Medium tries to do a lot but never really seems to stop and see if any of it's working.

GamingBoltShubhankar Parijat7 / 10

The Medium is a decent horror game that has some really good ideas, but ultimately fails to live up to its potential.

Generación XboxJose AngelSpanish9.1 / 10

The Medium is an incredible journey, a necessary game that stands as one of the exponents of the genre. A dramatic story that you won't want to miss.

Glitched AfricaMarco Cocomello7 / 10

The Medium is a good game that lasts just around 10 hours. After completing it I so wanted it to be more than it is. Its story and uncomfortable themes its touches on does a great job carrying the repetitive gameplay to the end. I so wanted it to be more. I wanted more challenging puzzles and gameplay elements to expand the “dual reality” mechanics. However, it never happened. I hope The Bloober Team use this as a start to something new. The game’s general premise is an interesting one and can really be expanded on. Unfortunately, it gives me Order 1886 vibes – Just playing it too safe.

God is a GeekChris White8.5 / 10

The Medium is without a doubt Bloober Team's biggest game to date, and it is easily one of its best. The story is captivating as are its characters, and the uneasy journey you take through it feels much like if Stranger Things was set in the Alan Wake universe.

Hardcore GamerKyle LeClair4 / 5

One could argue that outside of its creative double-world approach, The Medium isn't the sort of revolutionary horror game that one might hope for from the start of a new generation in gaming.

HeavyElton Jones – 6.5 / 10

The Medium sadly joins Blair Witch as another disappointing effort from Bloober Team.

Hey Poor PlayerKenny McKee4 / 5

I think I’ve hit my legal limit on flowery language in this review already, so I’ll keep it plain and simple in the end; The Medium is a fun, unsettling atmospheric horror game that is guaranteed to knock your socks off if you even remotely appreciate artistic design. It’s not a “traditional horror game,” but, then again, none of the Bloober Team games I’ve ever played have been traditional horror games. If you have a day to spare and want to spend it with a game guaranteed to draw you in (even if it takes a few hours to do so), then I don’t think you’ll regret taking The Medium out for a spin.

Hobby ConsolasDaniel QuesadaSpanish87 / 100

Don't expect a horror game but a paranormal adventure, one that will intrigue and surprise you with some of its mechanics. A noteworthy and attractive experience that, maybe because of that, feels a little too short.

KotakuZack ZwiezenUnscored

In a different reality, I could see this game being something special. And it might, like so many other horror games and movies, go on to become a cult classic. But in this realm, for me, it just doesn’t come together.

Lords Of Gaming – Kevin Alexander – 9.1 / 10

I could not help but feel that The Medium took inspiration from many beloved franchises before it. The camera angle style, notes and puzzles to keep the player focused, and music that makes your skin crawl all combine to make The Medium feel like a worthy newcomer in a genre with a long legacy. In an era where first-person perspective and jump scares with mediocre psychological horror reign, it is nice to see The Medium take a different approach while utilizing many of the psychological horror tactics of old and new age audio tricks. I cannot help but love the new psychologically induced horror game Bloober Team made The Medium.

MonsterVineSamantha Lienhard4.5 / 5

The Medium is a dark horror game with a compelling story and a unique twist on playing in two worlds thanks to its dual-reality presentation.

Niche GamerFingal Belmont – 8 / 10

The Medium is a tightly designed horror-puzzle game. There may not be much survival at all, but presentation of the spirit plane is captivating and the driving mystery of the story will leave enough bread crumbs to allow players to piece the answer themselves.

PC GamerLeana Hafer92 / 100

A third-person horror game that's elevated by some of the sharpest writing and acting in the genre.

PCGamesNJordan Forward6 / 10

Bloober Team does well to keep things taut all the way to the end, but there's a frustrating amount of untapped potential beneath its gameplay gimmicks and art direction.

Paste MagazineHolly Green5 / 10

A good horror game can make rifling through old postcards and personal letters a compelling experience. But The Medium seems entitled, in that it expects me to be titillated by its character design and atmosphere but won't give me enough context to actually care about them. Between that and its tired puzzle-based progression barriers and dull character powers, The Medium fails to justify its existence.

PolygonSuriel VazquezUnscored

The Medium starts off personal and poignant, but ends in cliché

PowerUp!Leo Stevenson9.7 / 10

Not for the faint of heart, nor those susceptible to trauma, The Medium is an intensely disturbing masterclass in storytelling, dripping with atmosphere and loaded with enough dread to make you question the very nature of your existence when you're finished with it.

Press StartJames Mitchell6.5 / 10

The Medium is Bloober Team's most ambitious game in terms of scope and scale. It successfully leverages fixed camera angles and strong sound design to create a horror experience that's unashamedly nostalgic. Despite its successes, the game fails to capitalise on its unique dual reality mechanic and ultimately feels too similar to the studio's prior efforts in Blair Witch and Observer.

Rely On HorrorCJ Melendez7.5 / 10

Bloober Team's The Medium is an admirable effort to evoke a classical survival horror experience, but it's not without some caveats.

SECTOR.skPeter DragulaSlovak9 / 10

Abandoned communist resort is great place for scary game. The Medium will attract you and guide you.

Screen RantScott Baird3.5 / 5 stars

The Medium is a psychological horror game that is set across two worlds, but it doesn't quite live up to the potential of its gameplay features.

ShacknewsJosh Hawkins6 / 10

Despite the wrong steps, there is good in The Medium.

Slant MagazineJustin Clark3 / 5 stars

The Medium is at its best whenever the player gets to lives up to the game's title.

SpaziogamesItalian8 / 10

The Medium is a step forward for Bloober Team, mature enough to propose a compelling, twisted dark thriller with an astonishing visual art. Without run&hide sessions and with a more complex level design. it could be a more enjoyable game.

StevivorSteve Wright7.5 / 10

Despite an improved narrative when compared to Layers of Fear, The Medium does drag on a bit — especially near its climax — and resorts to a couple lazier puzzles at around that same point. On the whole though, The Medium is a rather enjoyable experience, especially for those who are fans of any of the myriad survival horror franchises I’ve already mentioned.

TechRaptorNirav Gandhi7.5 / 10

The Medium presents intelligent horror and innovative gameplay inspired by Silent Hill, but far overstays its welcome and fails to provide closure. The split screen mechanics work wonders for new kinds of puzzles, but a myriad of technical issues hinder immersion.

The Digital FixAndrew Shaw9 / 10

While The Medium does not look truly next-gen, the excellent dual-reality mechanics and storytelling prowess of Bloober Team ensure it is one of the most technically and narratively sophisticated horror games to come out in years, recalling the best of games like Silent Hill.

The Games MachineErica MuraItalian8.8 / 10

The latest horror from Bloober Team is a great bridge between the new generation of consoles and the old classics of the genre, with an intriguing story, a surreal setting and a road full of puzzles to decipher.

TheSixthAxis – Steve C – 8 / 10

The Medium is a really good horror adventure with some stand out ideas and excellent presentation. It makes the most of its influences to create an atmospheric and involving narrative, but its wider context as a next-gen exclusive may lead many to expect it to be a grander step forward than it is. Taken on its own merits, and particularly for genre fans, this is a genuinely great game and I look forward to replaying it to take in all the amazing details and touches that I may have missed first time through. With some questions left unanswered, I hope it does well and develops into a franchise.

TrueAchievementsLuke Albiges3.5 / 5 stars

The Medium is an interesting and enjoyable game, but one let down by some awkward animations that constantly threaten to break the immersion created by an otherwise captivating game world, and those weak stealth sections that Bloober Team can't seem to leave behind. It's very much a one-and-done game — you can easily see everything it has to offer inside of ten hours, so the pricing might be a little questionable for both the quality and quantity of what you get here.

TrueGamingفهد الشيحةArabic8.5 / 10

The psychological horror elements are not as present in The Medium as you think they may be, but they are well implemented. The story is intriguing and the world is immersive. It is a great selection for fans of classical horror.

TrustedReviewsJade King3 / 5 stars

The Medium is an enjoyable survival horror that's held back by a lacklustre narrative and a signature mechanic that never reaches its full potential. Even with Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka's score ringing across the twisted soviet world, Bloober Team's latest project pales in comparison to the legends that came before it.

VG247Tom Orry3 / 5 stars

No, this isn’t a production up to the level you might expect from Naughty Dog or The Coalition. This is an indie game that’s performing on the biggest stage, and for the most part it’s put on quite the show.

WccftechKai Powell7.3 / 10

Marianne might be able to jump between two realities, but The Medium is trapped somewhere between being a worthy Silent Hill successor and another mediocre hide and seek horror game.

WellPlayedZach Jackson6 / 10

Much like Bloober Team’s previous horror efforts, The Medium features an interesting story in a compelling and creepy world but is let down by often boring and dragged-out gameplay sequences

Windows CentralMiles Dompier4 / 5 stars

The Medium is one of the most gorgeous horror games I've ever played. Its detailed environments, compelling characters, and unique setting make it a must-play for psychological horror fans.

ZTGDKen McKown8 / 10

The Medium is a strong outing for the team at Bloober. It is easily my favorite game they have released to date. The eerie soundtrack and locales set the mood nicely. The story is interesting, and I loved the duality in the puzzle-solving. This is a strong first game for Series X in 2021 and I hope their slate only improves as the year goes on. I wish this had been available at launch, and I am sure Microsoft does as well. It would have been a great showpiece for the console. Still it makes a nice early year title for owners of the new Xbox to dive into.


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