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The Metro series should not be missed!

Over the past 2 months I’ve finally gotten around to trying out the series, and it’s been absolutely fantastic!

Metro 2033

This game is awesome, no other way to say it. It’s creepy, it’s dark, it’s everything I wanted it to be.

Gameplay: the gameplay mostly revolves around exploring linear dreary tunnels, collecting everything you need for the next fight. I played the game on the second to hardest difficulty and was challenged through out the entire game. The Weapons consist of sidearms like revolvers and and main arms such as Assault Rifles and Shotguns. The shotguns, like in every other shooter, is the most fun weapon to use. Nothing is more satisfying than completely demolishing a strong enemy in one hit. There’s a wide variety of enemy types in the game that are icky and gross, perfectly fitting the tone of the game. You will also encounter more familiar human enemies throughout the game, which can break up the monotony of regular encounters. If anything was to be improved, it would definitely be the stealth system, since it feels tacked on in comparison to everything thing else.

Story: The story is pretty simple compared to the the next two games, but in my opinion, it is much more effective. Humanity has retreated into the metro tunnels in Moscow in order to escape the nuclear radiation the plagues the surface after world war 3. Humanity is divided, with different stations that serve as cities. You take control of Artyom, as he searches for solution to get rid of the mysterious “dark ones” that plague his stations. I won’t explain the rest, but I’ll let you know there’s a big choice at the end.

Graphics and Atmosphere: the graphics hold up, there’s no other way of putting up. The game looks amazingly beautiful on its own. There’s sense of dread and darkness in every non-settled tunnel you enter. The feeling of loneliness permeates throughout the game. From what I’ve heard, the remastered version doesn’t change much in terms of graphics and atmosphere, probably because the graphics were already so good. If anything I kinda wish they changed the characters faces to be more detailed, but other than that there’s nothing wrong here.

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Metro 2033 is the post apocalyptic game I didn’t know I wanted, it’s master of atmosphere as tension. 4/5

Metro Last Light

A fine sequel that pretty much offers more of the original game.

Gameplay: pretty much the same as 2033 with a few twists. You can now hold 3 weapons instead of two and the stealth mechanics have been reworked. Stealth in the first game just didn’t jive well with, and while the stealth in Last Light isn’t perfect, it offers more options compared to 2033. Ultimately Last Light feels more akin to a action game compared to 2033. There are more human encounters, and fewer monsters than the first, which is okay in the context of the games story. However, most of the attachments feel tacked on,’like an after thought by the developers. While I prefer 2033s gameplay, Last Light is definitely a crowd pleaser for those who prefer action.

Story: The story seems to have more of a focus on plot and characters when compared to the first game. I preferred 2033s mysterious tone rather than Last Lights but that’s just me. I didn’t really like the communists and Nazis in this game. For one, it makes ZERO sense that Nazism would come Russia. Maybe there was explanation I missed? Communists were alright I get why they might exist in metro tunnels, but it still feels pretty lazy to just tag these two factions into the game. I also didn’t like how the supernatural elements are more in your face and less mysterious than in the first game. Like they go full on “teleportation” in this game. It wasn’t all bad, there’s some fun twists and I like how child dark one was handled. I also like how it handles choices, just be a decent person throughout the game and you’ll get the good ending.

Graphics and Atmosphere: graphics are somewhat the same, with better detailed outdoor environments that take place during the early spring rather than the winter. Overall it keeps the right feel, despite the game taking place in a different season with everything resembling a nuclear swap when it comes the outdoor environments. Other than that it’s pretty similar to first game with dimly lit tunnels.

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Metro Last Light is a solid sequel that somewhat improves upon the first game. 3.5/5

Metro Exodus

Phenomenal in every way. Metro Exodus brings Artyom and his friends out of Moscow on a trek across Russia.

Gameplay: Right off the bat, Metro Exodus has completely new weapon animations with more satisfying sounds. Like the sound design is amazing and is probably right below Call of Duty Modern Warfare in terms of sound. Guns feel more real, and enemies less spongelike. The attachments are way better and change the feel of the weapons and how you use them. Revolver can transform into a mini-sniper, an AK into a 50 round LMG with an ACOG. Crafting is also a hell of a lot better than I expected it to be. It’s simple, immersive, and fun. Outdoor environments are more of the focus in Exodus, and it’s excited perfectly. There is no way markers, you pull out a map like in Far Cry 2, and head over to your next goal. I haven’t had a sense of discovery since I first played Breath of the Wild, Skyrim and Witcher. While Exodus focuses on giant “open world like” areas, it also has just as much linear environments for for people who miss the old tunnels.

Story: Metro Exodus is basically more akin to a TV show rather than a Movie when it comes to story. Again I don’t want to spoil much, so I’m keeping it pretty vague. Artyom and his friends seek a new and better life east of Moscow. Along the way they meet new, weird, and sometimes insane people that have survived the World War 3. I love how this game has more interesting people than the first two game. Instead of nazis and communists, you get religious technophobes, cannibals, and slaves. It’s a great exploration on how people would react to nuclear war and how they would survive, and it’s brilliant. However, the bad ending in Metro Exodus isn’t as satisfying as the other two games, and some of the English voice acting is a bit wonky. But other than that it’s pretty great.

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Graphics and Atmosphere: Metro Exodus is a master of variety. You’ve got the dried up Caspian Sea desert area, the Snowy wasteland area, the forest area, a facility with spiders everywhere and completely abandoned city with high radiation. The graphics have also seen a huge uplift. Honestly, this might be the best overall game when comes to graphics right now, it’s up there with Red Dead Redemption II as one of the prettiest games ever. If you have an RTX card I highly recommend this game at least for the eye candy.

Exodus makes a giant leap, and takes advantage of the current generation hardware to deliver an amazing experience that should not be missed. 4.5/5


All in all, the Metro series has a really unique take on the post apocalyptic that should not be missed. I cannot recommend these games enough.


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