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The misleading mapsize/outdoor exploration is a biggest letdown of Pillars of Eternity 1 (no spoilers please)

Content of the article: "The misleading mapsize/outdoor exploration is a biggest letdown of Pillars of Eternity 1 (no spoilers please)"

I presume I am just about exactly 1/3 through the game as I just receiving my 'letter' from the lackey at caed nua last night indicating the white march questline is ready to go and I read that happens 1/3 through the game. Gonna be interested to check that out.

When I first saw the world map I thought 'Yes! soo much land to explore!' and it looked similar in size to the BG1 area covered. That was until I moved to the next section and my heart sank as I realized they just jump HUGE swathes of land and just place the next area basically wherever they want. This totally ruined the scale as the next section can cover like 50 miles per area in some cases so the actual map area means nothing any more since they are just choosing arbitrary distances for the adjacent areas and most times there is not another area at all if you go off the edge of the map in a given direction.

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In BG1 it was more like civilization game tiles where every subsequent section was right next to another so you knew you would have a lot of exploring to do if you set out in a given direction.

So the exploration aspect is pretty much non existent for me with this game and that was a large part of why I loved BG and its overall scale. POE is still 'entertaining' and certainly looks the part and some areas you can really tell they put huge effort into like raedric's hold but the outdoor stuff just feels like they did as little as possible to string things together.

I read on the steam forums some quote from the devs saying the had reached the same amount of areas as BG1. I don't believe that for a second.

I am still playing it though cos it still feels as more BG than any other game – kingmaker was fun until the stupid timers ruined everything for me as I felt like I was having to rush around; I play games to relax not to feel like I am on the clock.

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Anyway still enjoyable but ultimately feels way too cramps and misses the grandioseness of either of the BG games as it seems they spent most their time on the combat system and making it balanced and the world-building was more of an afterthought – sure there is lore but the world itself feels more like the old iceberg analogy where there is only the tiny tip of the berg visible over the water with nothing underneath.


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