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The new Disney and Ubisoft collaboration

Content of the article: "The new Disney and Ubisoft collaboration"

I've seen the news about Disney collaborating with Ubisoft and saw hope for a new Old Republic game and would like to share some ideas here.

I have an idea for a new game about the Mandalorian Wars, it would serve as a sort of prelude to KotOr I.

You take the role of Revan and start out on Cathar as the Revanchist, investigating the populations' disappearance. You wear the robes of the Revanchist and fight your way through Jedi who followed you to Cathar, before finding a Mandalorian mask half buried in the sand. Upon touching it a vision starts to cloud your mind, slowly phasing out the battle behind you. You see what happened a few years before your arrival to the plant and find out that Mandalorian Neo Crusaders murdered most life on the planet. The mask belonged to a female Neo Crusader who opposed the needless killing and was executed along with the civilians. You put the mask on and vow never to be seen with it off until the Mandalorians have been punished for their crimes, you claim a new title as Revan whilst the last of the Jedi sent by the Council are taken down by Revanchist forces.

This is a summary of the opening level and some potential cut scenes in there. The actual game, of course, will have more to it.

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It would continue with Revan and Malak being the two main protagonists (wether Malak should be playable or not i am unsure of as it would feel rather odd playing as the villain of KotOR I).

It would be about their efforts in the Mandalorian Wars and would lead up to the Mass Shadow Generator being activated and a boss fight against Mandalore the Ultimate. Mandalore's last words to Revan being about a Sith on Rekkiad.

Revan and Malak would travel to Rekkiad in an aftermath kind of level, finding a the tomb of Dramath II and a datacron revealing the location of the planet Nathema. Revan would hide Mandalore's mask in the tomb and go to Nathema with Malak but they would find the place to be a wasteland but learn of a Sith Lord named Vitiate who used the planet's Force energy to become immortal. Revan and Malak woukd try to kill Vitiate but he would manipulate them, turning them into Darth Revan and Darth Malak. He would tell them to make use of the Star Forge and use it against the Republic in a final cutscene, therefore setting off the events of KotOR I.

this is in no way a complete idea as I still want to look into more of this potential game and give it its own alteration rather than being what we already know about Revan and his story

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