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The perfect end game final for open world games

Hi everyone, i want to discuss about the end game content that open world games offer to the player after they completed the main quests. I want to say first that i'm not a native English speaker, so i apologize in advance for spelling or grammar mistakes.
After a lot of open world games played in my life, i realized that just a few of them made the right thing in the final part of the game, because some of them have an approach, some another one. For example, some open world has the "before the last mission" end game content, where after defeating the final boss (or simply completing the final quest) the games take you exactly before that mission. Recently, i found that final in Immortals Fenyx Rising for example, but a lot of games did that with even the cinematic that hows you what happens next and, if they were part of the game, the choices you made trough the story, such as Fallout 3. Other games instead let you keep going on with the world activity, usually with one of the NPC telling you the classic phrase "you still have stuff to do", and probably after you've done all of the side quests and such some sort of dialogue or even a secret ending. In this case, i can bring as an examples Wolfenstein 2 and Rage 2.Anyway, what i want to discuss about is: are those ways to make an open world final going to change? In the first case, i usually am disappointed because i "saved the world" but i can't play in this new world i created, i can't see how the things changed. This make sense in some games where by defeating the big bad boss everything go back to normal, so it could be lore friendly to have some final like that. But the fact that i cannot see the result of my hard work bothers me. In the second case you are back in the world in the way you left it and have the chance to do the stuff you missed, but after that the game becomes an empty box. My point is, in both cases i don't get enough satisfaction. Even if you got an overpowered weapon or a special power, most of the time they are useless at that point.
I guess that creating a lot of content for a end game of a open world that could get a sequel is a waste of time for the devs, but i think they could create some random generated quests to keep the player busy. An alternative would be a sort of post final quest world, where the player can see what he achieved like a sort of museum.

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What do you think about this? There are games that impressed you with their well done end game content?


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