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The Perfect MMORPG?

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In my opinion, the best possible MMORPG that could be created would have to be something like this:

  • Races and Classes are not related; in other words, all classes are available to all races
  • All players start the game without a class and rather do a class trial at level 10 or something where you can choose a difficulty for the trial and you will get assigned a class or choose from a few classes based on your performance. It can also be done where all players start without a class and level up to level 10, then from that point they can go to specific places to visit an NPC to get a class, for example, Player A reaches level 10 and wishes to be a magic based class, then they visit the mage class NPC
  • Class evolutions. Basic classes can be evolved once you reach a certain level by visiting an NPC and taking a class evolution test
  • Unique/Hidden Classes. There should be the availability of hidden/unique class where there is no outright way to gain the class other than stumbling upon it. Hidden classes could also be available at the end of the class selection trial where if you have outstanding performance on the highest difficulty, you will have the option of getting a hidden/unique class. These classes should also be only available to one player. Once someone gets the hidden/unique class, that class is unavailable to anyone else forever, although there should be multiple hidden/unique class in the game. These classes should also have class evolutions where these evolved class are only available to their respective hidden/unique class and the evolution takes place at a certain level with an evolution test accompanying it.
  • Skills. Skills should not follow the basic skills that normal MMORPGs have where each class has just basic skills you get from leveling up and that's it. There should be skills, but you should learn those skills from doing skill quests rather than just getting the skill and also advanced skills that you can learn from doing quests which are much harder to get, and also hidden skills that you can get which will come from usually the same criteria as getting a hidden class. There should also be general skills which can be found in the form of skill books that can be used by any and all classes. And when I say general skills, I do not mean these skills are weak. These skills can actually sometimes be much more powerful than class skills. Obviously powerful skill books will be much harder to get and will also cost a lot more when being sold or traded. There can also be skill books that are hidden skills, which are usually very powerful, that you could be lucky enough to find by walking into a library, picking up a random book, and it turns out it is a hidden skill book that can only be used by one player. Hidden skills can also come from great achievements or hidden quests. Some hidden skill books should also not only include one skill, but rather it contains a set of skills that you can learn over time by reaching the criteria and doing whatever is required to learn more of the skills.
  • Currency. Currency should be able to be converted/sold to real money. Current MMORPGs are run by greedy companies who don't allow you to sell items for real money. I think that items should be allowed to be sold for real money as this would attract more players for the games and companies can still use many different methods to make tons of money.
  • Items. When I see a legendary item in current MMORPG games, they are not unique, and I don't mean that all the items look the same or something. I mean that if one person gets a legendary item, thousands of other players can get the same legendary items. What I would like to see is legendary items being extremely rare and not seeing tons of max level players wearing full sets of legendary items. I would like to see legendary items being unique and an individual legendary item is unique and people can't get the same legendary item. It is okay if some legendary items have duplicates, actually I would rather some legendary items have duplicates, but still make them hard to get, and also make it so there is also unique legendary items that can only be found once, and after someone owns that unique legendary item, it cannot be found/dropped/rewarded ever again, and the only way to get that legendary item is to buy it from the owner. Other high ranking items (not legendary) should also be rare drops, but with much more duplicates and the only unique items that aren't legendary are ones which are crafted by players or are specifically crafted for you by a specific NPC. Also some unique items should be dropped by a one time boss of a scenario that occurs only one.
  • Crafting. One should be able to craft based on their own individual skill and can gradually get better rather than boring auto crafting. Crafting should be entirely manual. For example, Player A crafts Item 1234. Player B also crafts Item 1234. Because Player A is a better crafter, the item they crafted is higher quality and more expensive than the item Player B crafted. Player B could immediately try again, and create the same item again, but this time, it's better quality than Player A's item. Crafting should also including creating unique items and designs. For example, if Player A is a extremely good blacksmith and is creating a weapon, he should be able to choose the type of weapon such as a sword. Now that Player A has decided on crafting a sword, he can decide what material he will use to create the sword. Player A chooses adamantine (rare, high class material). Next, they will melt the adamantine and customize it into the shape they want. They will also pick a material for the hilt of the sword and customize its shape, design and coloring. Now the basic sword is finished, but the crafting is not necessarily done. Right now, the blacksmith has created a high class sword, but there is nothing special about it other than the fact that it uses good materials and has a unique design. There should also be weapon skills that can be added through weapon skill books. This means that, a weapon skill book, much like a skill book, contains a skill, however, it cannot be applied to characters, rather, the weapon skill can be applied to during the crafting of a weapon, but only during crafting and cannot be added after the crafting has finished. In the case of armor, one should also be able to add character stat increasing attributes such as increasing agility, intelligence, dexterity etc. This can be applied after the basic crafting of the armor or accessories (jewelry) by adding essences for a random stat increase or adding specific stat increase material. The designing and material of the armor is also entirely custom. The same thing goes for alchemy, cooking, and other crafts. One more example is cooking. Cooking will be based on your own individual ability in cooking and you can create custom recipes and there are no specific recipes for you to follow. By adding ingredients which create a good recipe, you can have a positive effect to 1. maintain a player's satiety 2. buff players. If your cooking is extremely high quality or you added a material which usually adds buffs, then a meal can have buffs when eaten.
  • Titles. Many MMORPGS have thousands of titles each and many are easy to get such as one for completing the tutorial. While there should be plenty of titles, none should be easy to get and some should be unique. Some titles should also add buffs or increase your stats.
  • Land. Players should be able to own land and by castles. Owning a home would be simple and can be paid for with the regular in game currency. Depending on the size, the price will increase or decrease. You should also be able to buy empty land to develop a custom house on. You should also be able to buy a large plot of land or building in a city to develop and use as a Guild Headquarters. There should also be castles which can be granted by the NPC rulers of kingdoms or empires which exist in the game. These are granted along with nobility titles since to own a castle, one requires a nobility title. You can also be granted a title of nobility but not a castle. You can also choose to not use the castle granted to you or even choose to destroy it and instead create your own.
  • Titles of Nobility. One can be granted titles of nobility by the NPC rulers of kingdom and empires which exist in the game. The titles can be of different rankings and are given based on certain criteria. If when you are granted a title only match the criteria for a baron, you will be given a baron ranking. As a baron, you can be promoted once you reach the criteria for ranking up. If one does not have a title of nobility, but has completed all of the criteria for becoming a duke, then when they are granted a title, they will immediately become a duke. You can also be denied a title if that ruler does not like you based on your actions, even if you meet the criteria. There should not be any specific criteria for titles of nobility, rather, the ruler chooses what it is and is not always the same for all players. As a noble, NPCs may also treat you differently and with more respect. If you act as a tyrannical noble, then the NPCs living in your vassal state may show fear towards you while also bad mouthing you behind your back and less so with respect and love. If you visit the capital city even though you do not live there, you may find some NPCs treating you with more respect, and the amount of respect you receive also is based on your ranking.
  • Levels. It should naturally be much harder to level up the higher you go, but in the high levels, it should be extremely hard to level up and should require at least 12-24 hours of nonstop hunting/grinding. For the max level, it should either be extremely high such as the max level being 1000 or have no max level at all.
  • Pets. You can own regular pets or unique pets. Kind of the same thing as unique classes, items, and skills when it comes to unique pets. Pets also act as mounts, so the large mounts and can be ridden, and flying mounts can also be ridden to fly.
  • Shop owning. Players can own in game shops to sell crafted items or items they attained rather than selling it the same way other MMORPGs do. People can also sell items without owning a shop by either posting about it online, going to the city's Auction House where you can sell it with a small fee going to the city. Or you can borrow a friend's store to sell your item.
  • NPCs. NPCs should be very life like and you can also become friendly with NPCs. You can also have bad reputations with NPCs, but not just simply achieved by ravaging through a town. One can get a bad reputation with an individual NPC by back stabbing or treating that NPC poorly. Building reputations with NPCs can also be down by frequently talking and being friendly with that specific NPC and also building trust with them.
  • Game rankings. Game rankings should be available for all to view by checking their menu in game and should also be on full display 24/7 in the main cities. The rankings should include level (highest level players), items, pets, shops (rating for shops is a score given based on a combination of popularity and items), and guilds. PvP rankings will be available to check as well and will be displayed at the PvP arenas. PvP rankings will come with rewards at the end of each season as well. You can also get Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals by achieving a certain spot in the rankings and the top three ranks will also get special medals at the end of the season. For the medals, lets assume there is 100 million ranks in total (amount of players). A bronze medal can be achieved by reaching the 10 million ranks and above (10%), silver can be achieved by reaching 5 million ranks and above (5%), and gold will be achieved from 1 million ranks and above (1%). These medals will remain after the end of the seasons, but will be classified as the previous season's medal so it will be worth something after you re-rank in the new season. Even if you fall out of the rankings, you will still be able to keep the medal.
  • PvP. You can only participate in PvP rank matches by physically walking to an arena and starting a match there. You can also duel players and set conditions of the duels such as: Winner takes the other player's inventory, character deletion, and experience plundering where you take 10% of their total experience, and also receive 1 random item from the player's inventory. Many of these are risky, so it is up to you whether you do it with those conditions. Also, the safe zones are the major cities, but towns are not. When not in a safe zone, one can be PKed. When a player is PKed they will drop a random item and will respawn at a city. Also, when one dies in general, they will lose 5% of their total XP which encourages not dying or else the game would be total madness where the players all rush into a huge pack of monsters they can't beat and then die without penalty. It will also make the game feel more realistic and you will want to avoid death. However, duels are exempt from dropping items and losing experience unless it is in the conditions.
  • Main scenario. There should be a main scenario which is a game one time thing. It is basically the main story line, but it can only be done once, and if someone finishes it, it is unavailable to everyone else forever. People also do not need to necessarily do the same quests at the beginning of the main scenario to reach the same point as others. Each main scenario will last for 3-5 months at a time with 1 month in between.
  • Dungeons. There are hidden dungeons and also one-time dungeons. They basically are just as they sound. Some are from hidden quests, some are just dungeons that exist in the world in a very obscure and hidden place that you just stumble upon.
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At this point, I really cannot think of anything else since I have already almost forgotten what I have mentioned up until this point, but if anyone has any thoughts or wants to add to this, feel free.


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