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The problem of female characters in shooters.

Content of the article: "The problem of female characters in shooters."

In my opinion this is a serious problem in all modern shooters. I hsve two main problems with this:

Problem 1: The 'female 3d model problem'

Games like Rainbow Six Siege, COD, PUBG, etc. All suffer from the 'female 3d model problem' . It all comes from the 3D model being obviously smaller than male ones (because it's obvious that there can't be any slim, but fit, males out there…). This rises the problem of aligning the 3D model with the hitbox, fine. But why not making a more balanced type of body for both sexes so it becomes more equalized?

Some examples:

Ash (and most if not all females in R6S) from Rainbow 6S, she has barely any shoulder and/or arm muscle, lacks muscle in her legs considering she is a trained FBI agent and lack of torso width making all females in the game have less 'center' to shoot. Other 3 speeds like Vigil and Pulse have decent hitboxes and they are pretty slim.

Female 3D model in PUBG, the character has an insane advantage over the male model.

All females in Hyperscape, same reason as above.

Titanfall 2, same as above, although the game has a lot of aim assist so its 'acceptable'.

COD BO4, same as above…

The Divison 2 with female 3d models, pvp might not be the best but it's something that is intended to be at some point necessary for better gear in the game.

COD MW, it's slightly fixed but the 3d models still being smaller, giving an advantage in detection and target size.

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GTA online, i know its not a shooter but the problem is still in it.

Problem 2: The games.

Look, i have nothing against women, but if a game is supposed to be competitive enough to enter a scene where two or more people 'compete' with similar but variable odds of winning , then balancing characters to having smaller hitboxes with no genuine downsides is not actually balancing, it's just making an apparent disadvantage between characters. In R6S, Bigger 'usually' means more tanky, but there are 2 speed female characters that have a relatively VERY small hitbox for what they should be, like Zofia, Clash, Twitch and others. (It happens viceversa but with males).

If a game clearly intends to have preference of females over males then i can let it pass… but then idk what kind of femenist idea is that to be implemented in a shooter game .

Personal side note: This kicked for me in BO3 with the specialists and came back with R6S when I started playing it in 2017… Now is with TD2, COD MW and some other smaller ones.


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