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The problem with Miitopia on Switch

I need to get this out of my system because it has, and will continue to bug me to no end.

Before going any further, I just want to say I love Miitopia. I bought the game near launch on 3DS, and poured hours upon hours into it. It's so charming to see me and my friends running around talking to and fighting my family, acquaintances, and the boatload of meme characters. With that being said…

The announcement of Miitopia on Switch in the February direct almost instantly disappointed me for a wide variety of reasons. Going in to this direct, I was low key hoping for a new Mii game. Probably one that would take the best aspects of the past 3, being Miitopia, Tomodachi Life, and Miitomo. I'm not going to go into detail, as it's just important to know that I wanted a new Mii game. But instead of that, we're getting a port of Miitopia instead. Why? Why this one? I feel like Tomodachi Life would be a better choice for a rerelease, as they could tweak and add a lot more to that game, like being able to utilize the latest Mii maker.

Now what are they adding to Miitopia? Well, an even more robust Mii maker through the make-up and wigs, and horses. Ok, Cool. Now are these changes worth an extra $10? In my opinion, NO! Definitely not! I feel like higher priced Wii U ports are slightly more justified, seeing as the Wii U was a failure. But the 3DS was a great success, and hasn't lost support until very recently. So the 3DS, along with Miitopia is still available in both online and retail stores.

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You could argue the following: Miitopia wasn't a huge, massive success, releasing in July 2017; during the launch year of the Switch. While it's in the top 50 3DS game sales, it barely cracked a million copies sold. The Switch, and its version will immediately outlast and outsell the 3DS, and its version.

Yes, those things are true. There are also plenty of new Nintendo fans that never even heard of Miitopia. I'm sure they'll see this game, buy it, and love it like I and many others did back on 3DS. And Nintendo has done a great job with marketing with just the demo alone. I've seen so many cool, creative, and fun miis made through the new make-up and wigs. And this has surely gotten tons of people to try this game… Which is honestly the worst part about this situation.

A little side note: I tried the demo myself, and found a few more problems, like no touch screen support, and the way certain animations and images look. It's all just way too small, almost like they didn't even bother upscaling a lot of things.

Let me give you a bit more perspective: Over the past year, I have delved deep into Nintendo's history, playing a ton of their obscure, and region locked games. Startropics, The Mysterious Murasame Castle, Metal Slader Glory, Advance Wars, Professor Layton, Marvelous, Starfy, etc. One game I fell in love with is Famicom Detective Club Part 2: The Girl who Stands Behind, specifically through the fan translation. I was thrilled, shocked, and overjoyed by the fact that the Switch remakes announced in Japan are getting localized. I feel like if the games are successful, it could open the door for not just new Famicom Detective Club games, but for many other obscure, region locked, and dead Nintendo series. However, Nintendo of America is really holding this game back. They've done a terrible job with the marketing, releasing only one trailer since the reveal, having no physical version, and not telling people what's so important about these games. "Deep cuts from Nintendo's history" is nowhere near good enough.

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And during this week, I realized how much worse this situation is made because of Miitopia. They only release a week away from each other, so Famicom Detective Club only has a small bit of time in the spotlight as Nintendo's newest games. I'm sure the next Nintendo Power Podcast will have a heavy focus on Miitopia. I'm defeated by the fact that people will see more appeal in an overpriced 3DS port than two interesting, unique, subversive detective stories from Nintendo's past. I'm certain that by the time we get new Switch sales figures, Miitopia will be way above FDC, and I will have no hope for the future of any dead Nintendo series I've grown to love.

TLDR: Miitopia is a questionable decision on Nintendo's behalf that is damaging to their more interesting release, and my outlook on them.


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