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The time I bought a gaming pc that broke 2 weeks later.

So I'm a console guy. Have been for most of my life, don't play games all that much to warrent a PC. Besides, any of the "extra features" people talk about I can just do on my phone in seconds anyways. The only thing that attracted me to it was mods, fan games, and games that just weren't on console. So on to the story. I go into my local pawn shop, I don't plan on buying anything, but I see computers on the shelf. One of them being a gaming PC. It had a 2gb GTX 750 ti in it, and 8 gigs of ram, it didn't have any more than 250gbs of storage, hhd not ssd. Don't remember what the processor was, but I guess it was pretty good. It was 250 bucks Canadian. I figure, "Alright, fuck it. I've been saving up for so long that it couldn't hurt to splurge once.". I tell the cashier and he rings the purchase through. He tells me I have 2 weeks to get a refund if anything goes wrong. Well, something went wrong. Mind you, in those 2 weeks I absolutely adored the machine. There was just so much to do I didn't even feel like I needed to buy games for it. So it happened on a Saturday, the return policy ends on Monday, and the place is closed on Sunday. It happened at night, after the place had closed. I was dragging something on the desktop when the screen shut off. Then the light on the case went off too. I start it up again and it spins on Windows for about 3 seconds before it shuts off again. I determined that it might be a hardrive failure. So I open it up, I don't own gloves by the way and can't be arsed to have a specific kind for that. There's blue plastic pieces holding in the hardrive. I wiggle em around but the HDD doesn't come lose. I felt scammed, like it was a deliberate sick joke. I didn't want to pay more for an SSD until I could get the HDD out, but I didn't even know what kind to get. About a week later, after a lot of self hatred, a splitting headache, and buyer's remorse, I took it outside and placed it on my porch. It was gone by the next morning. PC is great n all, and I enjoyed it. But I'm no techie, and I never will be. I'll stick with my PlayStation for now. It's simple, and doesn't give me tech migraines.

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