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The Ultimate Concept For Updates/Fixes in Watch Dogs Legion “Year 2”

With #SaveWatchDogsLegion starting to get a little Traction, I'm hoping to get this Post out the and hopefully out to the Devs over at Ubisoft Toronto to see this and possibly take some ideas from this and mix it into a “Year 2” that the game desperately needs! The listed below will be Categorized!


• We need more of a Incentive and Reward for doing missions and everything else that has XP or a payout in the end…Online Mode already feels like a BORING Grindfest, especially for cool outfits at the Higher Ranks of the Rank Tracker.

It's really annoying having Max Rank and getting only to get the 3 Influence Per Day. It'd be better to turn whatever influence you get for each Challenge into ETO AND (x) INFLUENCE per Challenge, and the more you level up, the more Influence you get per Challenge (Up to 5-20 Influence depending on Challenge) Even add a Bonus Multiplier for getting on Daily or completing all your challenges, similar to other games (Specifically how it's structured in Red Dead Online or Destiny/Smite)

SHOCK WEAPONS NEED A BUFF! Enemies are visibly stronger in comparison to Campaign and it's going to be one hell of a Struggle to get by and find Operatives with better and Lethal Guns, if we dont have Tech Points.

PEOPLE ACCOMPANYING YOU IN SOLO MISSIONS SHOULD RECEIVE SOME KIND OF XP/ETO FOR JUST HELPING! What's the point in the Online Mode being centered around COOP if doing things like that don’t even have any kind of reward for both sides?)

• COOP MISSIONS/TAC OPs SHOULD BE SELECTABLE AND NOT IN A PLAYLIST* It's kind of bad doing the same missions again, even WORSE having to do them in a Playlist, when there's only like 4-6 of them in rotation…Have a Playlist Mode when there's at least more than 10-15 Co-Op Story Missions!

ADD THE ABILITY TO FAST TRAVEL TO OUR FRIENDS LIKE IN WD2 ONLINE: I don't even know why this was removed?

ADD THE ABILITY TO TOGGLE FRIENDLY FIRE ON/OFF LIKE IN WD1: This honestly helps keep Toxic Players/Griefers at bay, if this was ever to be implemented; Then let it be this way again, so players can fist fight each other, for RP reasons or even have the option to have gun fights, all outside of Extraction.

YOU SHOULD GET XP FOR CLEARING OUT SPECIFIC ENEMY HIDEOUTS + A BONUS IF YOU DO SO UNDETECTED: These can be just like Hotspots, but either have them Refresh every couple of Hours, or Every Day when the Challenge Refresh Happens.

INCREASE THE PLAYER COUNT TO AT LEAST 8+ PLAYERS FOR FREE ROAM ONLY: Honestly this isn't 7th Gen Hardware we're playing on, WD1 on XB1 and PS4 Had 8 Players for Free Roam, Decryption and Racing (?), I never understood why it was downgraded in WD2, but 4 Player CoOp in WD2 didn't come until later, so it is POSSIBLE for the DevTeam to increase the Player Count outside PvP or any other game mode, make it happen! Our New or Current Gen consoles can take it.


ADD A "FIND NEW SESSION" OPTION IN FREE ROAM, PVP MODE, etc.: Having to Pause and then quit is honestly an OUTDATED process!



• I think games like The Crew 2 and maybe Siege or Division? (For Example) could benefit by being in the game for sure!

• Plus a Crew x Legion Collab could be a way to introduce ONLINE RACING, DEEP CAR CUSTOMIZATION, AND MORE CARS

• Whilst a Collab with Tom Clancy will provide Exclusive Items from from Legion in TD2 or Siege, (like Gun Charms, Masks, etc), or Items from TD2 and Siege coming to Legion, like more Masks, Outfits, etc. Time Limited Operatives from Siege, REWORKED for Watch Dogs Legion…Maybe even Sam Fischer, am I right people?

THIS COULD ALSO BE A WAY TO PROVIDE MORE LTL AND NON LTL GUNS FOR PLAYERS, AND REINTRODUCE THE 3D PRINTER BACK INTO THE GAME AFTER IT WAS CUT There possibilities are endless, Legion can be Ubisofts GTAO if they utilize this correctly, plus it gives other games time to shine or hype players up!


• Legion needs more Voices! Specifically More Diverse Accents like AMERICAN, ASIAN, Middle Eastern, etc. other than the 10 Males and Females we have already!

I think it takes the immersion out the game hearing the same ones over and over again, and seeing that there are Tourists from America in-game with English Accents make it seem like nothing but the UK Exists, when in reality…London is one of the most DIVERSE places in the world, outside of NYC. I know the Play As Anyone system isnt going to be perfect, due to how its structured and made…But things like that dont go unnoticed.


• Legions Al needs a rework to be more realistic! Im tired of going to a bar, club, protest, etc. Do a simple Emote, and then EVERYONE stops what they're doing to look at me, it definitely was more realistic in WD2 where some would stop and others would just keep walking.

• Have Civilians that are EQUIPPED with Guns, Melee Weapons, etc. that are tied to them via Traits Be AGRESSIVE? It should be no reason I aim a gun at a Hitman and they have the same AI Code as a regular Civi to just COWER AWAY.


To Wrap things up, It's probably alot more that I could mention, but you guys get the point. This is the perfect time to go on Twitter and tag @watchdogsgame, @UbisoftToronto and @Ubisoft with this Post and don’t forget to put the hashtag #SaveWatchDogsLegion on their most recent and future posts! Even sharing this post with the Tag or your own thoughts and feelings about the game with Pictures and Videos will do the trick!

Alot of people just want and see the potential Watch Dogs: Legion has to be the Definitive WD game and get better through Updates and have Ubisoft be focused on doing so!

Also make sure to follow @SAVEWDL on Twitter!


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