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The Walking Dead Onslaught Review

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So I have played around about 4 – 5 hours of TWD Onslaught. All I can say so far is the game is disappointing. The game starts off promising with a fun tutorial which is very similar to S&S, but once you get into the game and complete your first supply run you can clearly see that the combat isn’t great. When you stab a Walker there is no mark left on it, you can only grab a Walker in one spot which is its neck. The game does not have physics, which means holding an axe feels like I’m holding a small stick. I’ve got to say the machete was very fun to use, it was satisfying to stab a Walker. One of the biggest things I dislike about the game as well is some Walkers can be killed without a headshot, which doesn’t follow the law of The Walking Dead.

To start a mission you are in Alexandria. Except not really. You can only walk around a small portion of Alexandria, and once you build a new building it really just seems like a painting on a wall, just something to look at, and doesn’t exactly have much benefit apart from requisitions from the survivors. The dialogue seems cheesy and doesn’t make sense half the time, for example, I came across three Walkers and Darryl said “you don’t see this everyday” and I’m just like, um yes Darryl you do, this is The Walking Dead, you’ve seen this sort of stuff before. Alexandria also seems empty. After rescuing a survivor they merely just because a picture on a wall, or a letter sent to you. The only people you see in Alexandria are the characters you can play as, Carol, Michonne and Darryl.

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I preordered the digital deluxe edition and I was quite surprised to find out that you have to go to a website to redeem your additional content rather then you getting it with the game. I did get the additional skins though, but as there is no multiplayer, the skins don’t exactly have much benefit apart from changing what Darryl looks like when he’s sitting down at the campfire.

So far with the 4-5hr gameplay the game doesn’t seem fun. Killing Walkers can be fun especially when you are hitting them with a blunt weapon. But shooting them is even worse as a Walker takes 2 bullets to the head to kill it. I was very excited for this game as I am a long running fan of the comics and tv show. But I was extremely disappointed with the gameplay.

My Rating: 5/10


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