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The Watch_Dogs series’ complete lack of introspection will never not bother me

Content of the article: "The Watch_Dogs series’ complete lack of introspection will never not bother me"

If I had to describe the Watch_Dogs series in one word, I'd probably choose "ironic". The games prominently bring up the questions about data security and vigilante justice but are completely incapable of addressing and reconciling with this ideas in a meaningful way.

On data and privacy, the first game was really more focused on using CTOS to exact cruel violence on people than the second game so let's focus on that. Almost every mission starts with the San Fransisco hackers going "Damn, the government/Big pharma/this one guy is using the internet for evil- that's wiggity wiggity wack yo!" Before using the same tools to invade people's privacy, ruin them financially or straight up kill them, all while making cheesy, lighthearted pop culture references. This becomes doubly odd when you remember that Uplay is recording reems of data on you and was even hacked in 2011, causing sensitive user info to be leaked to the world.

More distracting than the rather weak commentary is the complete disregard for discussing the methods of actions our protagonists use. Aiden Pierce was unflinching sociopathic murderer who was much less interested in exposing a system than he is fulfilling his petty quest for revenge. Despite this, the SF DedSec hackers treat him like a God and don't even question all the horrible things he's done. In the upcoming Watch_Dogs Legion, you are quite literally forming a terrorist group to fight back against the UK government but don't think about that too hard- look at the funny granny!

It's not like Ubisoft hasn't navigated big themes like this before, I thought Far Cry 4 was a surprisingly interesting critique of American interventionism. I get not everyone cares or is bothered by this stuff but it would add a great layer of depth to proceedings in the games.

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Edit: I thought I'd posted this to r/TrueGaming and not r/PatientGaming, forgive the reference to an unreleased title.


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