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There’s a huge problem with the state gaming is in

Games as a whole are becoming a lot less focused. They are trying to appeal to too many people at once. Cast a giant net of mediocrity to lure in as many patrons as possible.

Assassin's Creed is a good example of this. The pacing was horrendous, but the game had focus. The loop is simple. Receive objective > gather intel > assassinate. You felt like an assassin. With each new release, they add more and more unnecessary shit. Buying Monteriggioni, beating up husbands, races, buying Rome, upgrading a Homestead, crafting furniture to buy more resources to craft more furniture, hunting etc. That's only the first 5 games and there's already so much padding and filler that adds nothing to the core gameplay.

Then there's games that retain perfect focus such as Mirror's Edge. The story is bare bones, but it is just a narritive to justify going from location to location. The story doesn't matter, all that matters is the parkour and it remains 100% focused on nothing but parkour and does it perfectly. More games should be like this imo. Have a direction and focus, an idea of what it wants to be, a vision etc and stick to that vision so the finished product is coherent and the controls are tight and intuitive.

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Skyrim is another example. Where it shines is it's lore and mythos. The story though is full of plot holes and quite shallow. It has terrible combat, terrible stealth and terrible RPG mechanics. How can you roleplay in a game that gives you no choices and more importantly no consequences? It was trying to be too accessible which in turn heavily waters down the gameplay and it was trying to be too many things at once, which also waters down the gameplay.

I've also noticed games have gotten easier and easier. There's some exceptions such as Cuphead or Dark Souls but games very rarely make you think. I blame the internet for this because why bother including an intellectual challenge when a walkthrough is easily accessible? But some of the puzzles in Silent Hill for example, they could take hours to crack and at least a third of the fun in Silent Hill is it's puzzles. Then after The Room they got more and more watered down.


  1. Games are losing focus and trying to be so many things at once., it loses sense of direction

  2. In an attempt to become more and more accessible, they have become generic, watered down and too easy

  3. Games baby you quite a lot and very rarely make you think for yourself (HUD, objective markers, simple puzzles, platforming that is too obvious where you're supposed to go (Remember Me, Tomb Raider etc).

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